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In this day and age, when you get a CD labeled “electronica,” you gently place it in your player and cautiously sit down with your ears covered, for fear of a bunch of school kids screaming nonsense over repetative generic beats. Thus, Neon Mussolini will take you by surprise.

The opening track “Emotional For The Last Time,” which had potential to be a girl shouting something like “I hate boys” for four minutes, has surfaced as something which from the word go, is so much more sophisticated. It's musical, and I'm all ears. A simple beat plays over a static-like-buzz synth line, and a slow male. Granted, it doesn't seem to get anywhere, but it's not bad.

And “Song For Jarle,” sounds like a Nirvana demo with cleaner vocals. Okay so there's some delay on the snare, but other than that it's all cleaner than a really clean whistle. It is, like the previous track, fairly slow paced and as you plod through, there is an anxious feeling; one that just wishes it could hurry up a little and get somewhere.

“Australia.” this is what I was expecting. A pacey synth line pulsing through, and your regular drum machine. However, a few more layers are added, and suddenly, the song has completely justified itself and it's turned into quite a number. It's an instrumental though, and again doesn't seem to get anywhere, despite being very good. We need a combination, a beautiful blend if you will. We need to reunite the vocalist with this track.

The final track is a similar story to the first. It has so much potential but it just misses out. It's too dense to be ambient, it's too slow to dance to, and most of all, it's a shame, because Neon Mussolini have some real song-writing skill. In terms of tone, recording, and melody, it's spot on.


Review by Thom
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Neon Mussolini
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1. Emotional for the last time
2. Song for jarle
3. Australia
4. Oh no (for kenneth)
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