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People In Planes  Last Man StandingPeople In Planes – Last Man Standing

I caught People In Planes supporting Biffy Clyro in Brixton, December 2008, and I can safely say this is the only memorable song from the set. I suppose then, it makes sense to release it as a single. So, already established, it's memorable. It's catchy. This will not leave my head for the rest of the week. The Welsh quintet are labeled most places as indie, but this release has a slightly heavier, dirtier, darker feel,
with an eerie unsettling synthesised organ subtly playing throughout which gives a beautiful deep gritty feel.

The b-side “Pretty Buildings,” again, oozes this darker rocky rone that you might find in some light metal. It loses points against the a-side on catchyness, but not by far, and remains a great song. Well written, well executed, and an all-round winner.

All in all, a triumphant release from People In Planes. This has rocked my socks.


Review by Thom
 Band Members

Gareth Jones (Vocals)
Peter Roberts (Guitar)
Kris Blight (Bass)
John Maloney (Drums)
Ian Russell (Keyboard)
 Track Listing
1. Last Man Standing
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