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Morrissey - I'm Throwing My Arms Around ParisMorrissey – I’m Throwing My Arms around Paris

I have always thought that Morrissey is a bit of a cock, I have never enjoyed his music and have never really had time for the man, I remember watching part of his set when he headlined Reading Festival back in 2004 and the man was being all rock and roll demanding a way to get on stage without getting his nice shiny suit dirty, and whilst on stage he slagged off as many people as he could from Radio 1 to major press publications, so this helped me stick to my opinion of Morrissey.

Morrissey has been working on a new studio album for the past year with Legendary producer Jerry Finn, but sadly Jerry Finn passed away back in August 2008, Morrissey carried on working on the album and has now completed work on it, the album is called ‘Years Of Refusal’ and is due to be released on the 16th February.

The first single to be taken from the album is ‘I’M Throwing My Arms Around Paris’ and it actually happens to be quite a nice uplifting song, Morrissey has a great voice and the lyrics make up quite a nice sounding love song about loving the city Paris because no one wants his love.

I never really thought that I would enjoy this song, in fact I never thought I would enjoy anything from Morrissey ever, I only really listened to the song because I am a big fan of Jerry Finn’s work and wanted to see how well he did with Morrissey and I have to admit he did really well, the song is really listenable and is quite upbeat and catchy, it’s not going to help make me become a fan of Morrissey and I am sure the more I listen to the song the more annoyed I will get with it but overall it’s not a bad effort for an artist I have never had time for.


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1. I’m Throwing My Arms around Paris
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