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ZSK - We Are The kidsZSK - We Are The Kids

ZSK are a four piece hailing from Berlin Germany who formed back in 1997 and have spent most of there life in the band touring all over Europe where they have played with the likes of Anti-Flag, The Distillers, U.S. Bombs etc, which has helped the band grow a big fan base.

The album 'We Are the Kids' is a compilation of mainly English spoken songs meant for the international market as most of the bands other releases in there home country of Germany were German spoken songs.

From start to finish this album is fast, very melodic and the band seem to be full of energy. The band are also very political, which seems to be the topic of quite a lot of the songs on this album and in the booklet of the album.

The album starts with 'Hello 1984' which is a fast, catchy song you will find yourself bopping to. Next up is the album title track 'We Are The Kids', which steps up the pace and catchiness even more. Its totally fast and pure melodic with a few raw sounding vocal moments thrown in for good measures. 'Keine Angst' is the first of the two German spoken songs on the album, both these songs sound good even though you don’t really know what there singing about but its good to hear a band singing in there own language. 'Dare To Revolt' is the shortest track on the album running at just 43 seconds and is a fast, raw sounding fuck you to the corporate media.

One of the stand out tracks on the album for me is 'Fight For Me' which starts with chants of "we've got to we've got to we've gotta fight for more". The songs pretty raw with the odd fast catchy moment. The other song that really stands out to me is 'Small Steps' as the band seem to take a step back and mellow down a bit for a nice slow sing along song.

The album finishes with 'One Day', which is a song about the crazy world we live in and not wanting to start a war the song is fast and the lyrics are straight to the point, a great finish to the album.

I really love this band there fast, energetic, melodic and have a mixture of English sung and German sung songs and the album is full of songs about police-brutality, poverty, war etc. I really hope this band stay around for a long time as they have a good future ahead.


Review by Trigger
 Band Members
ZSK - Band
Beni (Guitar)
Eike (Bass)
Joshi (Vocals & Guitar )
Flori (Drums)
 Track Listing
1. Hello 1984
2. We Are The Kids
3. Keine Angst
4. Dare To Revolt
5. Upside Down
6. Business As Usual
7. Fight For More
8. This Is Our Answer
9. Riot Radio
10. Where Are You
11. Was Uns Noch Ubrigbleibt
12. Small Steps
13. Time To Lose
14. One Day
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