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Onesta - We Got GameOnesta - We Got Game

Onesta are a four piece band from Paris in France, they look like your average nu-metal band and the cover of their brand new album 'We Got Game' leaves you thinking even more that these guys have come along on the scene 8 years to late as nu-metal is not big, fun or cool anymore, but actually when you put the Cd on you finally realise that Onesta are not a nu-metal band but in fact are a hardcore band who are influenced by bands such as Biohazard, Madball and NYHC.

'We Got Game' is the latest album from Onesta and it features 12 tracks and runs for just under 25 minutes, so if you can do the maths you will realise that most of the tracks on the album run for about 2minutes on average and before you know it the album has finished and you are reaching for the play button again so you can try a get a true opinion of the album.

After listening to the album a few times over I have gathered my opinion and find it quite an enjoyable listen, Vocalist Stan, has a nice set of shouty vocals that aren’t to raw sounding but pack a hard punch neveraless, the guitar riffs are aggressive whilst also managing to pack a bit of groove into their overall sound, seriously as far as fast aggressive guitar riffs come these guys deserve 5 out of 5 especially during the opening riffs of 'Line In Sight.

The instrumental work in 'We Got Game' really can’t be faulted, Onesta seriously know how to create a noise and make an impact at the same time, there are many top tracks on the album such as 'In Our Blood' Stans fast flowing vocals and the additional backing vocals really make the song come to life, I would personally love a good moshing session to this song. 'Keep Your Hands' off follows on from 'In Our Blood' sounding quite similar, mainly due to the similar sounding guitar riffs running through both songs.

If your big on hardcore music then you should give Onesta a listen, they are not like your average hardcore band they are heavy but nowhere near as heavy as bands such as Biohazard or Madball, Onesta are slightly different in the way that you can tell these guys a mile off just by their signature style of riffing.


Review by Trigger
 Band Members

Stan B (Vocals)
Tony J (Guitar)
Mario A.D. Carmo (Bass)
C. Lambert (Drums)
 Track Listing
1 Sunrise
2 They Told You So
3 Line Of Sight
4 Soiled Nature
5 In Our Blood
6 Keep Your Hands Off
7 Beyond The Cross
8 We Got Game
9 Call To Freedom
10 Arms Dealers
11 You'll Never Know
12 What A Wonderful World
13 Outro
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