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P.g. Lost - It's Not Me, It's YouP.g. Lost - It's Not Me, It's You

P.g. Lost have named their second EP after the classic girlfriend, boyfriend breakup line 'It's Not Me, It's You', come up everyone must of heard that line in their time even if only on a TV programme.

Anyway 'It's Not Me, It's You' is the second EP release from P.g. Lost, the first EP they released was back in March as was called 'Yes I Am', the EP was an interesting offering and was more for those people that like instrumental music and hearing various different soundscapes, well now six months on P.g. Lost have decided to release their second EP.

'It's not Me, It's You' doesn’t really change my opinion on P.g. Lost, they are a band who like to experiment and make various different atmospheric soundscapes and that is exactly what they have done with both of their EP's, but with an EP that runs for nearly an hour even though it only has 6 tracks becomes a bit too much for myself, the only song that really does come to life for me is 'Jonathan' just because it’s just more weird and whacky than the other songs on the EP and its more loud and upbeat, well as upbeat as soundscapes can be.

If you are looking at getting wasted and want to mong out in your room with some chilled music then this is probably the EP for that occasion, but other than that I really can’t see you getting that much enjoyment out of this, the songs are like the instrumental bits you get in films when something dramatic happens, the only difference is in films you just get a 30 second clip which is more than enough and here the songs last anything from 6minutes to 12 minutes.

Well done guys for experimenting but sorry it doesn’t really do much for me.


 Band Members
PG Lost - Band
Gustav (guitar, keys)
mattias (guitar)
martin (drums)
kristian (bass, vocals)
 Track Listing
1. The day shift
2. Head high
3. Pascal's law
4. Maquina
5. Jonathan
6. Siren
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