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Don’t you just love it when a press release is written to make a band sound something really special that it leaves you excited wanting to hear the band and then when you finally give them a listen you are left disappointed?. Well that’s the effect that the press release for We The Faceless had on me, it bigged them up to be a new grunge band with the same energy and passion as bands such as Nirvana, Rage Against The Machine, Pearl Jam and then went on to claim the band to be one of the most popular and exciting acts in the country.

Considering this is first I have ever heard of the band, I can’t see them being the most popular act in the country, as for exciting there is nothing new or exciting on offer within the 18minutes of their debut EP, and as for the same energy and passion as the legendary bands listed above, don’t even get me started on it.

There are some good moments on the EP but there is nothing about the EP that is going to make you want to listen to it again. The guitar riffs on 'Firefly' are good but the thing is they could easily have been cut from a Queens Of The Stone Age Song. The opening to 'Burn The Witch' sounds like the same opening to 'Schism' by Tool, well that’s until a set of boring vocals come in.

The best moment on the EP has to be the finishing song 'Franco's Parrot', and no I don’t mean that because the EP finally ends, the song is actually packed full of energy and everything is executed in such a passionate way, but sadly its come too late in the EP to save this far below average offering.

If I bought this EP on reading and believing what the press release said then I would be totally mugged off, as its nothing like they have made it out to sound like, and I reckon The faceless are as popular as this review is going to be with the band once they set their eyes on it.


Review by Trigger
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 Track Listing
1. Firefly
2. Burn The Witch
3. My Girl
4. Taxi Driver
5. Yellow House
6. Framco's Parrot
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