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Ida Marie - Oh My GodIda Marie - Oh My God (re-release)

Over the past 12 months Ida Marie has pretty much taken over the world with her strong sounding solo artist ways, she has released 5 singles in this time, all which appear on her debut album 'Fortress Around My Heart', the album debuted at number 39 in the UK official album charts and her last single release 'I Like You So Much Better When You're Naked' reached number 15 in the UK top 40 singles chart.

On January 26th Ida Marie will release her sixth single, the single is not really a brand new single release its actually a re-release of her first ever single 'Oh My God' which does happen to be the strongest sounding song from her debut album, I am guessing that her record label have done their homework and figured out that the majority of Ida Marie's new fans won’t know that the song was originally released back in October 2007 as that was before she became popular in the UK, and are now hoping that her new found success is going to see the song take the UK top 40 by storm.

My thoughts on 'Oh My God' haven’t changed since I first reviewed the song, it is a really loud sing-along punk infused song, it’s really infectious and after just a couple of listens you will find yourself falling in love with Ida's beautiful voice.

Ida Marie has the looks, voice and attitude of a stunning female solo artist and 'Oh My God' is the best the girl has to offer, I seriously don’t think you will find a better female solo artist than Ida Maria at the moment.


Review by Trigger
 Band Members
Ida Maria - Band
Ida Maria (guitar, vocals)
Johannes Lindberg (bass,backing vocals)
Olle Lundin (drums, backing vocals)
Stefan Törnby (lead guitar, backing vocals)
 Track Listing
1. Oh My God
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