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X-Vision - So Close, So FarX-Vision - So Close, So Far

From the look of the calm cover art and the mellow beginning of the first track, you might think this band were a downbeat acoustic setup, with some relaxing instrumental tracks. But you would be wrong. Within 20 seconds, X-Vision burst in with a barrage of thrashing guitars, drums, and screaming vocals, which sets the pace for the 11 tracks to come.

I’m afraid I don’t have many kind words to say about this album. This is probably because this type of music doesn’t do it for me, personally - but this is a subjective review, after all. The sort of Slipknot-esque noise that comes out of this band has obviously proven to be popular in the past, but in my opinion it is just that - noise. I’m on a one-woman mission against mindless screaming in songs - and this album is a prime offender. Screaming should be allowed to convey passion, but not for every damn minute of the song. Don’t get me wrong, I like a strong metal sound, with a bit of screaming thrown in, but I crave some melody to offer some variety, too.

But if there is one thing X-Vision lacks, it’s variety. They produce some strong riffs and certainly a full sound, but once you’ve heard one song, you’ve heard them all. For example, the beginnings of ‘The Green Light’, ‘Cut Off’, and ‘Theatre Of Appearances’ are so incredibly similar, its hard to believe they are actually different tracks.

It’s difficult to pick out any highlights from the track listing when all the songs are so offensive, but I suppose the one with the best riff would be ‘The Sky Never Lies’. The quietest track ‘And Now?’ provides a welcome break from the other tracks, but unfortunately we’re thrust straight back into the familiar sound after only 1 minute and 46 seconds.

My stereotypes about French music have been wiped clean after begrudgingly listening to this album a few times. However, this is only my take on things, and my guess is that if you like Slipknot or similar bands, you’d get on much better with this album than I did.


Review by Helen Williams
 Band Members

Pierre Pauly (Vocals)
Christoph Edrich (Guitar)
Nicolas Seguin (Guitar)
Arnaud Ferveur (Drums)
Arnaud Marion (Bass)
 Track Listing
1. Paper Plane
2. The Green Light
3. Deadly Adornment
4. Blow On Ashes
5. The Sky Never Lies
6. The Sky Was True
7. And Now ?
8. Early Mental Release
9. Cut Off
10. Self-Abnegation
11. Theatre Of Appearances
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