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Marshall Law - RazorheadMarshall Law - Razorhead

According to the band’s website, Marshall Law’s latest offering has been three years in the making, and it’s well worth the wait. I’m quite ashamed I’ve never heard of this band, being from my hometown of Birmingham, but they’ve already enjoyed international success spanning almost two decades, and this is their seventh studio album to date.

Their influences are clear, even by taking a look at their cover art which features a prominent Metallica style logo. Their full sound and heavy guitars are very reminiscent of the superstars themselves. They can also be compared to Iron Maiden, and are probably a fair representation of what the offspring of the two bands would sound like. Even the names of their tracks are typical of extravagant metal bands - for example, ‘The Summoning’, ‘Devil’s Anvil’, and ‘Necromancer’.

Some highlights for me are ‘God’s Of Deception’ and ‘Blood And Pain’, which are both perfect examples of Marshall Law’s full-on power metal tendencies. ‘Razorhead’, the title track of the album, also features some fantastic meandering riffs which are worthy of the mighty Dragonforce.

My only criticism would be of the production of the album. Andy Pyke’s vocals are spot on and similar to the voice of Iron Maiden’s frontman, Bruce Dickinson, but there is not enough of a focus on them. It sounds as though the volume has been turned down on them, to make more room for the greedy guitars. In this case, it would be better to see them live, to be able to hear a proper balance between vocals and guitars.

If you are a fan of Iron Maiden or Metallica, which most self-respecting metal fans are, this is the perfect album to listen to. So much energy and passion has been poured into every minute of this epic 15 tracker - so crank it up and enjoy.


Review by Helen Williams
 Band Members

Andy Pyke (Vocals)
Dave Martin (Guitar)
Dave Rothan (Guitar)
Tom Dwyer (Bass)
Steve Hauxwell (Drums)
 Track Listing
1. The Summoning
2. Razorhead
3. Premonition
4. Headtrap
5. Gods Of Deception
6. Night Terror
7. The Chamber
8. Divides
9. Nothing Lasts Forever
10. Devils Anvil
11. Blood and Pain
12. Another Bullet
13. Bloodlines
14. Hell On Earth Necromancer
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