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Lauren Harris - Your TurnLauren Harris - Your Turn

I reviewed the debut Lauren Harris album 'Calm Before The Storm' earlier in the year and was really impressed with it, the album was 12 tracks long and was packed with Lauren's beautiful vocals, extremely catchy songs and some great guitar riffs from Lauren's backing band.

If you are a regular at Alternative Vision then you might have read about the next Lauren Harris single on our news page, she is releasing her next single 'Your Turn' on the 1st January 2009 at 00:00:01 so when each time zone hits that time, the song will be available from that country, so if you are in Australia you will be able to download the track before anyone, I do wonder how successful this world first time activated digital single will be as most people will be out celebrating the new year in many different ways, not sat in front of their computer waiting to download the new Lauren Harris single, good idea but wrong date and time of year in my opinion.

Back to the single, 'Your Turn' is one of the strongest songs on Lauren's debut album, it’s fast, catchy and full of melody, it’s really radio friendly and it’s the kind of song you can imagine people singing and jumping along to at Laurens live shows, it is also the first single to be taken off Lauren's debut album, so if this doesn’t make you go out and buy the album then nothing will as this is Lauren Harris at her best.

Lauren Harris has a power-pop-rock feel within her music, she has a sound you could compare to Avril Lavigne, Pink and also Miley Cyrus the only difference is that Lauren sounds 100% real and not plastic and manufactured sounding like some of the above named artists.


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Lauren Harris (vocals)
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1. Your Turn
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