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The press release for Maeven boasts that the band have already played shows at premier venues in the UK, toured the States, shared rehearsal rooms with MeatLoaf and played at a pre-tour party for Guns N' Roses, but in all honesty who gives a fuck about all that as I for one don’t, it’s all about the music in my eyes, not who you have toured with or shared a dressing room with, none of that is going to make your music sound good, but it seems like these girls don’t need any help at making their music sound good as they fucking rock. Most all female membered groups get shot down before they even start to try and gain a name for themselves, but these girls sure know how to write good songs and they go all out with guitars blazing, which is surely going to help bring them the success they deserve.

Maeven have already put the finishing touches to their self titled debut album, however they are holding off releasing the album until the 2nd February so they get the mad Christmas rush out the way and get their album out in the New Year to start 2009 off in true style.

The album starts with 'Queen Of Hearts', a song that is fast and fun, packed with punk rock style guitar riffs and ever so catchy poppy punk female fronted vocals. 'Russian Roulette' is more of a jam-tastic song, with the girls rocking out in massive jamming sessions making as much powerful noise as possible, these girls sure know how to play their instruments and they play them with a powerful punch.

There are ten tracks on the album and they all run in an energetic and catchy way, it’s hard to pick out a favourite track from the album but I will note that my favourite tracks are out of the extremely fast guitar riff packed 'Do Or Die', and the rocking number that is 'Take To The Skies', just check out the opening guitar riffs to find out what I mean.

If you like fast underground punk rock influenced bands then give Maeven a listen, they are an exciting four piece all female band from South Yorkshire who love The Ramones and The Backyard Babies which you will clearly be able to tell once you have gave their self titled album a listen.


Review by Trigger
 Band Members
Maeven - Band
Becca Towler (vocals)
Sally Gallo (Guitar)
Hannah San (Bass)
Mel Nolan (Drums)
 Track Listing
1. Queen Of Hearts
2. Russian Roulette
3. Do Or Die
4. Roxy Rose
5. Take To The Skies
6. All The Worlds A Stage
7. One Night In Hollywood
8. Blacknight
9. Forget Me Not
10. Legends
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