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the Warped Tour 2006 - Tour CompilationWarped Tour 2006 - Tour Compilation

Every year to coincide with the Vans Warped Tour in America, Side One Dummy Records release the Warped Tour Compilation cd which is now on its 9th instalment. The Warped Tour 2006 compilation cd is a double cd and features over 50 tracks from the biggest names in rock for less than £10, Bargain.

Like usual, this years compilation cd features a mixture of exclusive tracks to the cd and classic tracks that have been around for some time featuring bands that are playing at this years Warped Tour that place across many states in America.

The first exclusive track happens to be Underoath with 'Moving For the Sake Of Motion’, which is from the bands new album 'Define The Great Line', this song is a pure brutally heavy screamo song. Another exclusive track is 'No Future' by Anti-Flag, which is a fast punk track and is pretty catchy. The cd also features an exclusive track by Joan Jett and the Blackhearts titled 'Five' which is so catchy.

The compilation also features tracks by great bands such as Armor For Sleep, Flogging Molly, American Eyes, Moneen, VCR, Rise Against, Bouncing souls and NOFX with the title track from there new album 'Wolves In Wolves Clothing' among many other bands from the punk, rock and emo scene.

If your looking for a great punk compilation you cant go wrong with the Warped Tour 2006 compilation cd which has 51 tracks and runs for nearly 3 hours and costs less than £10, like most compilation Cd’s you probably own a few tracks that’s on the compilation but don’t let that put you off as the cd has a few exclusive tracks and 80% of the cd is really good, you cant pick a favourite track or standout track as there are so many good tracks from so many different bands.


Review by Trigger
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 Track Listing
1. No Future - Anti-Flag
2. Under Attack - The Casualties
3. Moving For The Sake Of Motion - Underoath
4. Levy
5. My Mannequin Can Dance - Matchbook Romance
6. Wolves In Wolves' Clothing - NOFX
7. Which To Bury
8. Everchanging - Rise Against
9. Laura - Flogging Molly
10. Five - Joan Jett & The Blackhearts
12. 11. When You're Around - Motion City Soundtrack
13. Don't Bury Me...I'm Still Not Dead - Riverboat Gamblers
14. From Her Lips To God's Ears - Against Me!
15. Remember To Feel Real - Armor For Sleep
16. Midnight Mile - The Bouncing Souls
17. Rude Boy Don't Cry - Bedouin Soundclash
18. Bury Me - Helmet
19. Phrase That Pays
20. Not A Crime - Gogol Bordello
21. Thirsty - Zox
22. My Soft And Deep - The Matches
23. All Time Low's - HelloGoodbye
24. If Tragedy's Appealing
25. Words 'Best Friend' Become Redefined
26. Bombs Over Brooklyn - Love Equals Death
27. Emergency - Paramore
28. Girl With The Broken Heart
29. Dead Language For A Dying Lady
30. Sticks And Stones - Valient Thorr
31. Rhyme Over Reason - Somerset
32. Actions Not Words - Crash Romeo
33. Shame - Good Riddance
34. eretics & Killers - Protest The Hero
35. Ransom - Escape The Fate
36. We Are Always Searching - I Am Ghost
37. New Black
38. Do You Wanna Triumph - VCR
39. Coffee Shop Soundtrack - All Time Low
40. Broken Star Satellite - Royden
41. Professional - The Scotch Greens
42. Antidote For Irony - So They Say
43. Failing - Roses Are Red
44. Block Out The World - Maxeen
45. Venom And Hope - The Banner
46. Black Night - Time Again
47. Nothin Over Me - Slightly Stoopid
48. Set Me Off - The Expendables
49. Everything
50. Short Fuse - Los Kung-Fu Monkeys
51. Good Looks
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