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I Am Ghost - Those We Leave BehindI Am Ghost - Those We Leave Behind

I Am Ghost look and sound a lot different than when they first formed in 2004, they released their debut album 'Lovers Requiem' in 2006 and went on to tour across the world a few times over but it was the summer of 2007 that saw changes happen within the band with violinist Kerith Telestai announcing that she was leaving the band due to health reasons, this had a bit of a domino effect with Kerith's husband Brian Telestai announcing that he was leaving the band as well just a few days after, the band have now since regrouped and filled the vacant positions that opened when Mr and Mrs Telestai left the band during the summer of 2007, the change of the bands line up has obviously changed the bands sound, now you’re never going to please everyone and it has become a big debate between I Am Ghost fans, a debate that I am not going to get involved in and will leave everyone in peace to decide what they prefer.

'Those We Leave Behind' is the second album release from I am Ghost and is the first album to feature the band with their all new line up. The album starts off with 'We Dance With Monsters' which is a spoken word introduction, with a girl telling a spooky story introducing the album with her softly spoken words. 'The first main track on the album is 'Don't Wake Up' and the song is a lot more chilled out than what I was expecting, however frontman Steve Juliano has a great set of vocals on him that are so chilled out and flow so well in a way that I feel not many other people will be able to pull off, there are additional screamo vocals during the song giving the band a bit of a Story Of The Year feel, the song is a great start to the album and features a chorus that just can’t be ignored.

The album title track 'Those We Leave Behind', is a fast flowing melodic song with additional screamo vocals to shake things up a bit, the guitar riffs verge on the metal side of music whilst the dual vocals mix the more melodic side of the alternative music scene with screamo and the vocals fit well on top of each other.

You can probably guess what themes are covered on this album by either looking at the album cover, the bands name, the album name or the track names, the majority of the songs are about vampires, murder, death and spooky scary stuff that happens in the world after night, the lyrics are very dark as you would expect from a band of this nature and they are written in pretty much the same way as bands such as AFI, Energy and Aiden pen there songs.

The bands current single 'Bone Garden' is one of the strongest tracks from the album, it’s a really powerful melodic number that is crammed full of noise and style, the song is bound to leave you wanting to bop around your room to the fast as fuck, catchy melodic sounds that I Am Ghost provide you with in 'Bone Garden', the chorus is as catchy as hell and you will find yourself singing along word for word as the chorus flows totally different and better than any of the other chorus's on the album.

The album does run into a few sticky situations and that’s in the way that it actually becomes quite boring the longer that it runs and I think that’s down to the fact that after about 6 songs into the album you have heard all the best bits and the next 8 tracks prove to be a painful ride with nothing coming at you that’s going to stick in your head and become your next favourite song.

The second album by I Am Ghost is a really interesting offering, it has some really big songs on it but it has way too much filler and not enough killer, it’s definitely worth a listen but just don’t hold your breath whilst expecting something too thrilling.


Review by Trigger
 Band Members
I Am Ghost - Band
Steve Juliano (Lead, Vocals)
Ron Ficarro (Bass, Vocals)
Timoteo Rosales III (Lead Guitar)
Justin McCarthy (Drums)
Chad Kulengosky (Rhythm Guitar, Back up Vocals)
 Track Listing
1. Intro: We Dance With Monsters
2. Don't Wake Up
3. Those We Leave Behind
4. Buried Way Too Shallow
5. Bone Garden
6. Saddest Story Never Told
7. Smile of a Jesus Freak
8. So, I guess This Is Goodbye
9. Interlude: Remember This Face, Baby
10. Burn The Bodies To The Ground
11. Rock N' Roll High School Murder
12. Make Me Believe This Is Real
13. They Always Come Back
14. Set Me Free
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