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Nitin Sawhney  Days Of Fire feat. NattyNitin Sawhney – Days Of Fire feat. Natty

Taken from Sawhney's latest impressive release London Undersound, "Days of Fire" is written with Natty in direct reflection of the London bombings. Under Natty's rhythmic vocal (which unfortutely talks about the subject matter with a degree of obviousness and lacks subtlety) is an acoustic guitar, and percussion. It's quite reminiscent of Wyclef with regards to the vocal tone and song structure, but it's a real grower, and is fairly upbeat and cheery considering the subject.

Within the album, it's a nice introduction to a truly fantastic album, so don't waste your time getting the single as there aren't any b-sides.


Review by Thom
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1. Days Of Fire feat. Natty
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