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The Paddingtons  No Mundane OptionsThe Paddingtons – No Mundane Options

An exciting upbeat indie punk release, (well mainly alternative indie – the punk really comes out in the opening track "Punk RIP" so maybe that's understandable,) from the Paddingtons, back again to try and claim centre stage, after a career which has seen them on the outskirts.

This is awesome, really awesome. The perfect combination. Enough distortion and pace to get you rocking along, choruses that keep you singing along, and melodies that please the ears and sustain listenability.

Let's go for some name-drops. The Enemy? A (slightly) maturer Pigeon detectives? A softer Milencolin? That's enough.

Highlight tracks are "What's The Point In Anything New," "Shame About Elle," "Plastic Men," and "Stand Down," which will quench your thirst for having your socks rocked, without a doubt. There's that real nostalgic feeling for me of my teenage years, getting into the more sedate of the punk-esque bands, but at the same time there's the indie edge which reassures me that I'm allowed to enjoy it without feeling imature.

The only drawback, is that it's all fairly samey. But given that one track is good, surely that means they're all good. In fairness, it's only thirty-five minutes, I think they've got it spot on.


Review by Thom
 Band Members
The Paddingtons - Band
Tom Atkin (Lead Vocals)
Josh Hubbard (Guitar)
Marv Hines (Guitar)
Lloyd Dobbs (Bass)
Grant Dobbs (Drums)
 Track Listing
1. Punk R.I.P
2. What's The Point In Anything New
3. Shame About Elle
4. No Mundane Options
5. Sticky Fingers
6. Molotov Cocktail
7. You & I
8. Plastic Men
9. Stand Down
10. Gangs
11. Heartsong
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