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Nitin Sawhney  London UndersoundNitin Sawhney – London Undersound

This collaborative piece from Natin Sawhney is a collection of songs written with reference to, and in reflection of, the terrorist attacks on London, that "pervades superficial divides."

The first track, and single to be released, "Days Of Fire" which features Natty, is a real insight into the album as a whole, and in short, very nice. Although there's something not quite right with the obviousness to the lyrics, (I prefer such serious subjects touched upon with a little more subtlety and style,) it's a great track, as Natty's distinctive vocals lead over a gentle acoustic and drum backing.

"October Daze" featuring Tina Grace follows, a breathy vocal number which again features a well-paced rhythmic background. It's one of those situations where the focus is on the vocals, which are fantastic in their own right, but without them, the song would stand up in its own right as an instrumental number.

From then the album fades into more oriental softer pieces, removing the clean beats and sending you off into a dreamy state, which perfectly completes the album.

London Undersound features collaborations with such names as Imogen Heap and Paul McCartney, and boasts eighteen tracks (although six are interludes) of brilliance- both in composition and recording. A treat for the ears, you might say. Another impressive release that will no doubt receive the praise that his other works have, and quite a contrast to his comical work on television. Goodness gracious me.


Review by Thom
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Nitin Sawhney - Band
Nitin Sawhney
 Track Listing
1. Days Of Fire feat. Natty
2. October Daze feat. Tina Grace
3. Bring It Home feat. Imogen Heap
4. Interlude 1 - Ghost Image
5. My Soul feat. Paul McCartney
6. Interlude 2 - Soledad
7. Distant Dreams feat. Roxanne Tataei
8. Interlude 3 - Street Sounds
9. Shadowland feat. Ojos De Brujo
10. Daybreak feat. Faheem Mazhar
11. Interlude 4 - Identity
12. Ek Jaan feat. Reena Bhardwaj
13. Transmission feat. Tina Grace
14. Interlude 5 - Tension
15. Last Train To Midnight feat. Aruba Red
16. Interlude 6 - Ronald Gray
17. Firmament
18. Charu Keshi Rain feat. Anoushka Shankar
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