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My American Heart - There Are More Frightening ThingsMy American Heart - There Are More Frightening Things

It’s taking quite a lot of time but I am really loving My American Heart at the moment and I feel that they are a really under rated band, they should be so much more successful than what they current are, their current album 'Hiding Inside The Horrible Weather' was a surprisingly good listen, there were a few fillers on the album but the majority of it was strong, the two singles that have been released on the album so far are 'The Shake (Awful Feeling)' and 'Boys Grab Your Guns' and they are both really strong catchy songs and December 1st see's My American Heart release 'Are More Frightening Things' which happens to be the third single release from the album.

'There Are More Frightening Things', is the heaviest song on the latest My American Heart album and at the same time it’s really upbeat and bouncy, it’s the type of song that’s going to fill the dance floor at rock clubs across the country and it’s guaranteed to get the floor bouncing, the machine style drumming towards the end of the song is well worth waiting for, overall, it’s the kind of song that you don’t hear often from these guys so make the most of it now.

Each single that My American Heart have released from their latest album has been better than the last release, 'There Are More Frightening Things' is the heaviest single they have ever released and is also quite possibly the best single they have ever released, give the song a listen and make your own mind up.


Review by Trigger
 Band Members
My American Heart - Band
Ida Maria (guitar, vocals)
Johannes Lindberg (bass,backing vocals)
Olle Lundin (drums, backing vocals)
Stefan Törnby (lead guitar, backing vocals)
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1. There Are More Frightening Things
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