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The Verve - Rather BeThe Verve - Rather Be

The Verve made a much anticipated come back in the summer this year with a brand new album 'Forth', their first single in ten years 'Love Is Noise' and many appearances at the some of the biggest festivals of the summer such as Glastonbury, T In The Park and V2008, ever since all this happened things have gone quiet on The Verve front, there was talk that the band were on the verge of splitting up again because frontman Richard Ashcroft hinted that he preferred going solo and that he will go back to being solo soon, which caused a bit of a riff with himself and Nick McCabe, luckily the band are still together and are just about to release 'Rather Be' which is the second single to be taken from 'Forth'.

When The Verve released 'Love Is Noise' pretty much every indie fan fell in love with the song, it was huge, it was catchy and it was a pure moment of happiness to see such a talented and huge band back after ten years with a epic new single, the release of the album 'Forth' came shortly after and it was well worth the wait it proved to be such an enjoyable album but an album that you had to put some time into to get the positive feelings out, yes it was a grower but once it started to grow on you every listen got better and better.

The new single 'Rather Be', is another little beast of a song, but it is no where in the same league as 'Love Is Noise', that song was epic and I think it would take these guys another ten years to come up with a song better than that, nevertheless 'Rather Be' is a really good song to listen to, it’s one of the more chilled out songs from the album and it flows pretty well, Richard Ashcrofts’ vocals are as strong sounding as ever, but the song is not going to win the band any awards or new fans.

It’s good the see that The Verve are still going, 'Rather Be' is a tune well worth of a listen, I am sure you already have the bands new album and have heard this song many times over, if you haven’t check it out it’s not bad!


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1. Rather Be
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