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Prego - AnswersPrego - Answers

I haven’t heard anything about Prego in quite a few years now, I first heard them many years ago when Fightstar first started off and did a tour with Armor For Sleep and Fightstar frontman Charlie Simpson brought his brother Edd Simpson and his band Prego on the tour and they seemed to go down pretty well during the shows that I saw them play, however since then I haven’t heard a thing about the band until a couple of days ago when their new single 'Answers' came through my letter box.

As soon as 'Answers' starts you can tell it’s a member of the Simpson family on vocals, Edd's vocals are more like Will Simpsons than Charlie Simpsons, but apart from the fact that Edd Simpson is a frontman of Prego and his two brothers are frontmen of other bands that’s where the Simpson comparison starts and ends as each band have their own individual sound and Prego have a mellow soft rock sound with a bit of a progressive edge. 'Answers' is a really strong sounding song, it is quite laid back and also comes across quite eerie and dark sounding, Edd has a fantastic voice, the lyrics are well written, the drumming stands out really well for all the right reasons and the guitar riffs are pretty damn good too, in fact the whole instrumental work during 'Answers' works really well.

With the release of 'Answers' just around the corner it might just well be the time that Prego rise and start to get recognised within the UK alternative music scene, if they have more songs of this quality written and in the works then success should come to them pretty soon.


Review by Trigger
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Edd Simpson
Caspar Williamson
Will Leslie
Simon Britcliffe
aul Jennings
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1. Answers
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