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Nick Harrison - Something SpecialNick Harrison - Something Special

Nick Harrison is musically a very special man, he has an extremely fresh and speedy style of ska-pop-rock that puts an extremely big smile on your face. His debut single 'Oi Rude Boy' proved to be a really good listen and really put me in a happy mood straight away. Now Nick Harrison is back with his second single release called 'Something Special'.

'Something Special' is such a catchy up tempo song, the song flows really well and is so easy to get into, it’s catchy from start to finish but it’s the chorus that will really be stuck in your head for a long time after the song finishes. The b-side to the single is an instrumental version of the song and it also makes for a really good listen as instrumentally the song is quite fast and enjoyable. Nick Harrison doesn’t just have a great voice, he’s a handy man when it comes to the guitar he’s a master of tempo and an overall great lyric and song writer.

The debut Nick Harrison album is due for release in January 2009 and I can see the album release helping Nick to follow in the success that fellow summer-pop-rock solo artists like Jack Penate have been enjoying for some time now. Nick Harrison is a man on a mission for big things and with songs this good he is going to get what he wants.


Review by Trigger
 Band Members
Nick Harrison
Nick Harrison (Guitar, vocals)
 Track Listing
1. Something Special
2. Something Special (Instrumental)
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