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Morning Call - A Little LateMorning Call - A Little Late

A Morning Call are from Blackburn, they are also massive Blackburn Rovers fans to the extent that they have recently recorded a new version of 'The Wild Rovers' which was played at the first home game of the new season at the Blackburn football stadium and will continue to be played until the end of the season, the band have played live on the pitch which was a massive honour for them.

the latest single from The Morning Call is 'A Little Late', the song is an indie song but it sounds a lot different from the majority of indie music around at the moment which I am putting down to frontman Tony's vocals, they are very strong sounding but very unlike anyone else's, they have a really unique feel which is going to help these guys stand out from the crowd in the future, the song has a lot of great guitar riffs and the whole band come together at the 3 minute mark to make way for the huge climax of the song.

The b-side 'The Last Laugh' makes you wonder if the band have actually put the right song on the cd as it starts off with lots of electronics, like something you would hear on the dance floor at your local dance club but then suddenly a bouncy bass line and some big guitar riffs come in which make you believe that you are listening to Morning Call that little bit more, it's when frontman Tony's vocals come in that you are fully convinced that you are listening to the right band, the song is totally different from the main single but the song is so strong that it could have been released as a main single itself. The song reminds me slightly of U2 and also of The Killers mainly due to the electronics and the stadium rock nature of the song.

These early single releases from Morning Call are very promising, both songs are so different but equally have such a strong sound about them, if Morning Call can carry on to create more strong songs of this nature in the future then they are going to have a very bright future.

Morning Call are a band that really deserve to be recognised within the indie scene.


Review by Trigger
 Band Members
The Morning Call - Band
Tony (Vocals, Bass)
Kip (Guitar)
Macauley (Keys, Vocals)
Carlos (Drums, Vocals)
 Track Listing
1. A Little Late
2. The LAst Laugh
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