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Imperial Leisure - The Art Of Saying NothingImperial Leisure - The Art Of Saying Nothing

Imperial Leisure are a band that you really need to see and hear to believe, they are a 10 piece band from North-London and they have a mixed sound that is kind of ska mixed with reggae and a bit of metal, yeah in writing this sounds a bit odd but the band have managed to come up with a really strong sounding 12 track debut album, listening to the album you wouldn't think that it took 10 people to create the songs that you are listening to but it did and you should be impressed. The only band that I can really compare Imperial Leisure to so you can get a good idea of what the band sound like before you listen to them is the old London based band that have sadly now split up King Prawn, both bands have the same mixed sound and the vocals are also quite similer, the only main difference is the amount of members Imperial Leisure have is double what King Prawn had.

'The Art Of Saying Nothing' is the debut album from Imperial Leisure and it is a great listen. The opening track 'Untouchable' is a great track to start off the album, the song is crammed full of brass instrument sounds, the main vocals are really fast and extremely catchy, they are delivered in a rap-rock style way and it works perfectly with the overall sound of the song, it is hard to work out the lyrics of the song due to the fast nature of the vocals but I am sure if you listened hard enough you would be able to figure it out. The solo brass sections that pop up throughout the song are truly breathtaking and well worth listening to over and over again.

There are some really outstanding songs on the album such as 'In A Letter', the song is really fast and catchy and the chorus sounds like it has been written with the idea of making everyone dance like they are having the time of their lives. 'Jenny' is another strong song with a really upbeat sing along chorus. 'Beer Belly' is just as fun as the song title sounds, it's a fast skank-a-long song about getting drunk and developing a beer belly, something that most British pub goers end up with sometime in their lives. The chorus of 'The Landlords Daughter' has a Madness feel about it, the song is about being in love with the landlords daughter, the lyrics are quite fun and so is the overall song sound.

The biggest highlight on the album is 'Great British Summertime', now this song is the nearest thing of us ever getting a bright summer in England, especially with the way that the weather conditions are going these days, the song is crammed with horns and various different brass instrument sounds, once again the song is another fast and catchy tune that happens to sound better and better after every listen.

There a are a few weak moments on the album such as 'Man On The Street' is a bit of an chant along party anthem, but it's not really a strong song, it's just about catchy enough for you to listen to the song a couple of times over but i'm sure the song will end up becoming one of those songs that you tend to skip past everytime it comes on. 'The Beast' is another weak song, as soon as it starts off i'm put off just by the random vocals that greet you at the start and from that moment things don't really get much better sounding like some kind of spaced out jungle themed song.

The album finishes with 'Sombrero' and it's an instrumental song that sounds like it should of been included on the soundtrack to Desperado or some other Mexican style film or tv show, once you have heard the start of the song it becomes quite predictable as of what direction the song is heading in, nevertheless it's a great finish to the album.

Overall 'The Art Of Saying Nothing' is a great debut album from Imperial Leisure, the album has about 8 or 9 really good songs but it also has a few fillers but I feel that the release is solid enough for the band to be able to make their mark within the alternative music scene, if the album is this enjoyable I can only wonder how happy seeing these guys live leaves you feeling.


Review by Trigger
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 Track Listing
1. Untouchable
2. Man On The Street
3. In A Letter
4. Jenny
5. The Beast
6. Alperton
7. Beer Belly
8. Landlord's Daughter
9. Great British Summertime
10. First Past The Pump
11. King Of Kings
12. Sombrero
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