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Wednesday 13 - Fuck It We'll Do It LiveWednesday 13 - Fuck It We'll Do It Live

If you are a hardcore Wednesday 13 fan or generally a fan of the mans music then 'Fuck It, We'll Do It Live' is the package for you, it’s a live cd/dvd set that features 19 tracks which span out through the whole of Wednesday's career with songs from back in the day of him fronting The Frankenstein Drag Queens, to the days of him fronting the Murderdolls to his long running solo career, the only difference is that all the songs and has been filmed during one of his solo live shows. The cd and dvd is a 100% filmed live package, there have been no touch up jobs in the studio, you can hear the sound dip during songs, you can hear the odd fuck up and you can hear the crowd screaming their lungs out between songs.

The cd part of the double pack is something that I am sure many fans have been waiting for, for a long time and it’s good to finally have a live Wednesday 13 cd to listen to. It starts off with a short introduction which is basically the fans screamings as a bit of spooky music is played before Wednesday 13 and his backing band take to the stage and then straight away Wednesday 13 blast into 'Gimmie Gimmie Bloodshed' which happens to be the main single release from his latest and darkest album release 'Skeletons'.

This live package could also double up as a Wednesday 13 greatest hits as most of the songs on the album are the best songs that the man has ever written and preformed and it’s just even better than they have been captured live in sound and vision format.

Some of the highlights to the album has to be 'Home Sweet Homicide' the song is a fan favourite and is played here in such a fast and passionate way, another highlight is 'Not Anther Teenage Anthem' which has Wednesday 13 introducing the song by saying "there is a rumour going around that I want to sort out now, this song is not, I repeat not another teenage anthem" which is then met by screams from the crowd as the band play their way through the song.

As said above the majority of the songs on offer here are some of the best that the man has ever created but the last four songs are the strongest with '197666', 'Rambo', 'Bad Things' and 'I Love To Say Fuck' being played back to back, each song sounds as great live as they do on record, the crowds screams are there before, during and after each of the songs which just adds to the excitement, you could easily whack the sound up as high as possible, shut your bed room door, turn the lights off and shut your eyes and pretend you are actually watching Wednesday live, it’s not the same as watching him live but it has a really good effect and I guess it’s the next best thing.

'Rambo' is one of the songs that goes down the best with the fans, with them singing along word for word to the ever so fast and catchy song, but the main highlight is listening to 1000's of Wednesday 13 fans shouting Fuck as loud as they can with Wendnesday 13 during 'I Love To Say Fuck', the song does sound slightly out of tune in places and Wednesday's vocals sound like they have had better days here but that is the excitement of a live recording, the fact that it sounds real and whatever happens can’t be changed.

As for the dvd version of the live double pack, musically it’s the same as the cd, it has been filmed in quite an amateur way but the exciting thing about it is that the camera is forever panning from the band to the crowd, you get to see what the band do on stage between songs and the title for each song flashes up on screen just as the song starts which is a good pointer, I can’t see people watching the dvd part of the double pack many times over but I can see the cd part living in peoples cd players for months to come.

Overall 'Fuck It We'll Do It Live' is the ultimate package for any Wednesday 13 fan, it has 19 of the mans greatest tracks captured live on both cd and dvd and it is well worth the money.


Review by Trigger
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Wednesday 13 - Band
Wednesday 13 (vocals, guitar)
 Track Listing
1. Gimmie Gimmie Bloodshed
2. I Want You Dead
3. Home Sweet Homicide
4. Not Another Teenage Anthem
5. From Here To The Hearse
6. Till Death Us Do Party
7. Skeletons
8. God Is A Lie
9. House By The Cemetery
10. Put Your Death Mask On
11. Happily Ever Cadaver
12. Running Down A Dream
13. Look What The Bats Dragged In
14. Faith In The Devil
15. 197666
16. Rambo
17. Bad Things I Love To Say F**k
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