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The Haze - Spirits Are RisingThe Haze - Spirits Are Rising

I was quite excited about this album, as the fiery cover and smokey reverse just suggested there'd be something inside I was going to like. But as it turned out, there was an average rock record. There's certainly potential, but something's not quite right. "Ghostdancer" which starts the album, was just a regular song until the chorus came to save it, but a clear error in the mixing and mastering department leaves the snare drowned out by some intensely compressed guitar rocking out, and all sense of rhythm is lost as the guitars blast out over a cymbal-ly mess. There's one example.

It isn't until the third track that I can claim I'm enjoying myself. "Kingsdown City Blues" which is really reminiscent of Black Velvets and Kula Shaker. From then on, the album draws away from "trying to be commercial but still look hard" and heads to "a really good pub band that leaves you breathless just from watching." Now I'm really feeling it, they've got a tonne of energy, and the beefy sounds posess you and transform you into a dreamy lurching trance.

They seem to be the band who would have a huge local following, but that's about it. Maybe I'm wrong, but I've heard a lot of bands like this who, you catch at a gig in their home-town and are simply blown away by the atmosphere - but then you see in a supporting slot in another city, and the only people going mental are the key fans you brought along in a minibus.

And that really sums up this album I'm afraid. It isn't bad, despite my early uncertainty, the record turned out to be a pretty good listen. But it's really all the same. So if you like small-time five-piece rock groups, a pre-Kasabian if you will, then get this record.


Review by Thom
 Band Members

James Cairns (Vocals)
Mark Miller (Guitar)
John Paul Hunter (Guitar)
Ross Duffy (Bass)
Robert Mitchell (Drums)
 Track Listing
1. Guns & Bullets
2. Ghostdancer
3. Capella
4. Kings Down City Blues
5. Whatever
6. Save Our Souls
7. Preacher
8. Seeker
9. Get Up And Go
10. Just to Hear You Say
11. Lord
12. Scarecrow / Music Box
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