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Munroe Effect - You Are GoldmouthMunroe Effect - You Are Goldmouth

The Munroe Effect are a four piece band from Portsmouth, they formed back in 2006 and quickly hit the road touring across the country with Oceansize, Future Of The Left and other bands of the same nature, you can clearly tell that touring with Oceansize has helped develop the sound of the Munroe Effect as they play a lot of experimental soundscapes within their music just like Oceansize do.

The Munroe Effect have just finished working on their EP 'You Are Goldmouth' which is now due for release towards the middle of November, the EP features 5 tracks and runs for just over 18 minutes. The EP opens with 'The Escape (Part One)' and the song is an epic listen in the way that the band have crammed so many different soundscapes in and they are layered in such a special way that the running of the song sounds spot on, it’s almost got a space feel about it in places, the vocals come in towards the end of the song and frontman Dan Sutton has a soothing set of vocals about him, the song builds up towards the end as the band unleash their drumming skills, big guitar riffs and bouncy bass lines.

After the big build up towards the end of the first track, everything goes silent for a split second and then the second track 'Death Of A Tin God' comes in sounding like a perfect carry on from the previous song, the guitar riffs throughout the song have a really catchy vibe about them, the bass lines also appear to be quite punchy and extremely listenable, the song really spirals into life as the vocals become screaming for a mad 5 second burst.

The Ep title track 'You Are Goldmouth' is the longest running track, running at just over 5 minutes and it seems to have a mixture of it all, the catchy guitar riffs and bouncy bass lines are there, the vocals are soothing and free flowing and at times the bands more shouty style of vocals come in and out for short bursts. The most enjoying part of the song is at the 4 minutes 30 seconds mark, the music stops like it’s the end of the song then a second later the band carry on with their music getting heavier until the outro.

'Monsters' is quite a catchy song, everything’s faster and louder during this song, but like usual with the Munroe Effect there are a lot of twists and turns and various different soundscapes. The EP finishes with 'Subterranean Death Clash (K&E Remix) and it sounds quite oddly like the Prodigy to start with and then the song builds up so much into something totally different.

What makes the Munroe Effect so talented is the fact that they cram so many different sounds and styles within each and every song, it sounds like each track is actually more than one song, now this is something that some bands master really well like the Munroe Effect have done here, but others make a complete mess of things. The Munroe Effect are an epic band but I will say they are not for everyone.


Review by Trigger
 Band Members

Dan (Vocals)
Andy (Guitar)
Chris (Bass)
Jack (Drums)
 Track Listing
1. The Escape (Part One)
2. Death Of A Tin God
3. You Are Goldmouth
4. Monsters
5. Subterranean Death Clash (K&E Remix)
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