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In Case Of Fire - This Time We StandIn Case Of Fire - This Time We Stand

Most of the major music magazines in the music industry have been claiming In Case Of Fire to be one of the best unsigned bands in Britain and dubbing them to go really far and become an unstoppable force once they are signed. Well if that’s the case that day is coming sooner than ever as the band have just signed a worldwide deal with major label Zomba and are due to release their debut single 'This Time We Stand' on the 10th November.

'This Time We Stand' is a well crafted song, it starts off with a pounding drum beat meets phat guitar riffage introduction before bursting into life with its ever so catchy chorus which has frontman Steven Robinson singing 'I Am Making Fires Now for You' in such a passionate way, the song is really loud throughout with banging drum beats and big meaty guitar riffs running for the duration of the song. The bands sound reminds me of the epic-ness of Muse and the true rock and experimental feel of The Mars Volta.

It’s easy to see why In Case Of Fire are being bigged up so much, they have a huge sound that they show off so well on their debut single 'This Time We Stand', They are currently out on tour with Funeral For A Friend and the Cancer Bats which promises to be one of the hottest tours of the year and once that’s over they will be back in the studio putting the finishing touches to their debut album 'Align The Planets' which is due for release in early 2009.


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 Band Members

Steven Robinson (Vocals, Guitar)
Mark Williamson (Bass)
Colin Robinson (Drums)
 Track Listing
1. This Time We Stand
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