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MGMT - KidsMGMT - Kids

If awards could be given out for the most annoying introduction to a song then MGMT would win it hands down for the introduction to their new single 'Kids', the song features a noisy bunch of kids screaming and shouting and pretty much getting over excited in the school playground, luckily the annoyingness only lasts for about 15 seconds and then the song branches off into a beautiful piece of electronic pop music, the style that you could waste a whole night dancing along to at your local club, in fact the first 5 - 10 seconds of music during the song has a bit of Chinese style sounding vibe and I really like it. 'Kids' is my favourite song I have heard from MGMT so far, even the remix of the track is well worth a listen. I am almost tempted to go out and get their new album 'Oracular Spectacular'.

Everyone remembers MGMT from their song 'Time To Pretend' being played during the last few minutes of the end of the second series of Skins earlier this year, they then went on to release 'Electric Feel' which became a hit in the UK top 40 singles chart, they are now back with 'Kids' and the song is a real gem, if only you could erase the first 10 seconds of the song and the random kids screaming that pops up towards the end of the song it would be pretty much a perfect track.


Review by Trigger

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Andrew VanWyngarden
Ben Goldwasser
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1. Kids
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