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The Zico Chain - S/TThe Zico Chain - S/T

When I first got this cd I didn’t know what to expect as I have never checked out the band before. But as soon as I put the cd on I was completely hooked. The band is a thrashy sounding punk rock rock band that uses the sounds of bands like Nirvana to make up their sound.

The EP starts with 'Rohypnol', which starts with some heavy drumming and heavy guitar riffs and vocalist Chris Glithero comes in a few seconds later with his very American sounding grungy vocals, the song also has some catchy elements to it. Track number 2 'This Thing' starts off with some constant heavy drumming and very tight heavy riffs soon follow along.

You can clearly tell the band want to be like Nirvana in 'Social Suicide' the songs fast and heavy and also quite grungy sounding along with the American sounding vocals. Some people will be annoyed hearing that this band are trying hard to sound like Nirvana, but I personally like this as The Zico Chain do it really well and add something new at the same time.

The EP finishes with 'The Lonely Ones’, which also starts off with some good constant drumming which runs throughout most of the song, and 'Chris Gilthero's' vocals start off sounding pretty raw for the first 10 seconds and then become more sing along vocals, overall a good catchy track.

I like this band, in fact I really love this band, I love how fast, heavy, catchy and tight this band sound. The ep is 6 tracks long and only runs in at 15minutes and 1 second with most songs running at under 3 minutes long, overall a short, yet quality ep.


Review by Trigger
 Band Members
The Zico Chain - Band
Chris Glithero
Paul Frost
Ollie Middleton
 Track Listing
1. Rohypnol
2. This Thing
3. Rollover
4. Social Suicide
5. Brain
6. The Lonely Ones
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