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The Vines - He's A RockerThe Vines - He's A Rocker

Well how about that, a three track single that lasts as long as most other songs on their own. That's right, just over three minutes to cram these bad boys in.

Starting with the single “He's A Rocker,” you're instantly saddened. Not that the Vines have let you down, four albums into their career which started with a bang and slipped away ever since; but that this song is only lasting for two minutes. It's bloody fantastic. Melodic, catchy, and oh lord that bass is a bit funky. It's songs like this make me realise why I listened to the Vines in the first place. But it's still too short. If I'd written this I'd milk it for all it was worth and turn it into a four part epic spanning a double CD.

The next track “Hey Now” is considerably different, possibly inspired by mindless violence given the angry tone, and good old punk vibe. I'm not a fan, it's over before you can say “I wonder what's next.” It's time for “Blue Jam,” which is Vine-ish for “a minute of noise.” It's the kind of thing I'd have if I was a massive Vines fan, but as a general music listener who likes songs they've done, I'm not really interested, and I feel that these two other tracks really detract away from the excellence of the single itself. Always a shame, but regardless, “He's A Rocker” is giving me a stiffy.


Review by Thom
 Band Members

Craig Nicholls (vocals & guitar)
Hamish Rosser (drums)
Ryan Griffiths (guitar)
Brad Heald (bass)
 Track Listing
1. He's A Rocker
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