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Ok, so Pink isn’t the kind of music artist that we normally feature on Alternative Vision, infact she’s not the kind of artist that I tend to spend time listening to, but her latest single 'So What' caught my ear and has caught my attention majorly, it seems that the one time r'n'b chick has put a big middle finger up to the r'n'b scene and said good bye to it for good and has been converted to a full time rock chick, over the years from what I have heard, Pinks music has slowly been changing, her first few singles were pure r'n'b but each and every single release saw a change in sound with Pink in the rock direction which has finally hit its peak with her.

The new Pink song 'So What' is the first bit of new material that Pink has released for some time and is the first single to be released from her forthcoming fifth studio album 'Funhouse' which is due to be released on the 27th October. 'So What' is a pure fist in the air chant along summer anthem, well saying that, the summers pretty much over now, not that we had one anyway but I’m pretty sure that listening to 'So What' really loud and singing along like a geek in the comfort of your own room will cheer you up no end and will quickly make you think about the really amazing summer weather we have been graced with this year.

It’s quite hard to come across a female solo artist with a real rock star attitude and sound, the only person that springs into my head who thinks they are a rock star is Avril Lavigne, but she’s basically a little teeny bopper whose only helped give 13 year old boys there first erection whilst getting them into the poppy side of rock, Pink could kick her arse time and time again and I feel that 'So What' will clearly show Avril what rock music is all about and tempt her to step up her game a bit.<

'So what' is a song written about Pinks Ex Carey Hart, if you listen to the lyrics you will notice that things are totally personal and oddly if you watch the video for the song you will also notice that Carey is in the video and that they both still do get on, anyway the song is full of attitude, it’s a big sing along affair, it’s really radio friendly and it’s got such a catchy edge, it’s the kind of song that you can dance, mosh or go completely bonkers to.

Pink has come up with a complete winner with 'So What', her split up with Carey has had its good and bad moments for Pink, but it’s musically where the good moments are as if the split never happened then 'So What' would not be here, the song has that cross over feel that’s going to appeal to fans of pop music as well as true rock fans, Pink has always been a rock chick at heart and it’s good to see that she is now showing it clearly within her music.


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