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Language - Macadamia / We Are HereLanguage - Macadamia / We Are Here

Language seem like quite a promising band, they have a lot going on within their music, their new double A side single 'Macadamia' and 'We Are Here' is a really pleasing release, the first song 'Macadamia' features a flurry of dance beats and big synths along with some major distortion, the song features dual vocals; one set that’s in the sing along style and the other that’s got a bit of an underwater feel about it thanks to the studio digital trickery.

The second song, 'We Are Here' is just as good as the first song on this single release but has a much more catchier edge, once again the digital synths running through the song are strong, the drumming fits in well and the vocals provide quite a catchy journey.

Overall Language are quite a fresh exciting new band on the block, their music is full of style and could quite easily spin you out if you sit down listening to their tunes for a long in one sitting, get yourself a copy of the bands double a side single and be prepared to be spun out.


Review by Trigger
 Band Members
Language - Band
Hugo Santa Cruz (Vocals)
The Volts (Bass, Vocals)
Marc Microchip (Drums, Vocals)
 Track Listing
1. Macadamia
2. We Are Here
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