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You Me At Six - Jealous Minds Think AlikeYou Me At Six - Jealous Minds Think Alike

I feel like I am one of the only people around who can’t understand what all the fuss about You Me At Six is all about, all the major alternative music magazines are bigging the band up like they are going to be the next big thing, they have an extremely big fan base that is forever growing, they have supported many huge bands, have completed their own 21-date sold out tour across the UK and have also played at this years T In The Park festival, Reading and Leeds festival as well as the Give It A Name Festival earlier in the year and have now announced a huge tour for October which is bound to sell out in advance.

I have listened to a few You Me At Six songs and I can honestly say that I have not found a song that I enjoy by the band so far yet. Their last single 'Save It For The Bedroom' seems to be played constantly on Kerrang TV, the song is a bouncy style punk rock tune where the lyrics are quite badly written and become quite repetitive towards the end, now I couldn’t get on with this song but decided to give the bands latest single 'Jealous Minds Think Alike' a listen and I have realised that I still can’t get on with You Me At Six.

'Jealous Minds Think Alike' is another radio friendly slice of punk rock, the song has a big sing along feel about it and is the kind of song that the 12 year old McFly fans are going to absolutely love as You Me at Six are have the same kind of appeal that McFly have with the way that you either love them or you hate them. Now You Me At Six aren’t bad musicians but at the same time there is nothing about the band or their songs that make me think wow this band are amazing instead, each and every song that the band have released so far sounds to similar to each other which shows that the band totally lack in the creative department.

I am never going to understand how You Me At Six have come so far and become so successful in such a short amount of time especially when there are so many bands out there at the moment with so much more talent playing the same style of music as these guys but are sadly getting nowhere.


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