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Nick Harrison - Oi Rude BoyNick Harrison - Oi Rude Boy

Nick Harrison has all the features of a music artist that I really don’t like, he has that polished up boy band look with his neat looking haircut that’s verging on the new look Take That man band haircuts, his cd covers feature really retro patterns with a picture of Nick on the front cover which is what you would find on your average boy band CD, so when I put on Nick Harrison's debut single 'Oi Rude Boy' I was expecting another James Blunt or James Morrison wannabe but I was pleasantly surprised with what was coming out of my speakers, a perfect slice of ska-rock.

'Oi Rude Boy', is such a good song, it’s fast, it’s loud, it’s clear and it surely makes you move your legs and feet in a fast fashion as you skank along to the ska-tinted sing-a-long chorus. Nick has a really nice and clear voice, it’s quite unique and it’s what makes Nick Harrison stand out and it’s also what’s going to help the man go far, the lyrics are well written and tell a good story.

When I first heard 'Oi Rude Boy' it was a nice shock to my system, it was nothing like what I was expecting but that’s a good thing, just never make the mistake of judging a cd or artist by the cover as you might be missing out on something good like I would of here if I decided not to give 'Oi Rude Boy' a listen. Nick Harrison's debut album 'One Drop' is pretty much finished but won’t be hitting the shops until the start of 2009, but expect a new single release or two before the album comes out.


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Nick Harrison
Nick Harrison (Guitar, vocals)
 Track Listing
1. Oi Rude Boy
2. So I'm Down Now
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