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Nanas Revenge - Man DownNanas Revenge - Man Down

You are probably thinking exactly what I thought when I received this EP by Nanas Revenge and that’s that they sound as punk rock as a group of nannies sat down on Sunday afternoon watching the snooker whilst racing to see who could knit the next Christmas jumper first, well that’s not the case, I was pleasantly surprised Nanas Revenge are a forceful UK based punk rock outfit who I could listen to over and over again and not get bored, however whilst my views on this band are mainly positive I will get the negative comments on the way first.

The first band that brought me into the UK underground punk rock scene was a local band to me called the 4FT Fingers, the band were and in my eyes still are one of the best bands in the UK underground scene, Nanas Revenge have been going for 6 years now and supported the 4FT Fingers when they were at their prime selling out all the toilet sized venues all over the country, they even headed off to Cottage Road Studios to record their debut EP 'Man Down', which happens to be the same studios that the 4FT Fingers headed to in the past. If you listen to 'A Foot In The Door' which happens to be the first track from the Nanas Revenge EP then I would forgive you if you mistaked the song for the first track from 4FT Fingers A Cause For Concern album called 'Head Held High' as Johnny Smith's lead vocals sound so much like those of 4FT Fingers frontman Rob Crebbin, the duel guitar riffs from Johnny Smith and Sam Sharp sound exactly like those that Rob Crebbin and Tom Saunders were bashing out back in 2004 when they were at the top of their game. It will be interesting to see Nanas Revenge to tour with 4FT Fingers again and see how the band goes down with the 4FT Fingers crowd and if the fans notice how similar the two bands are in places.

Now if you are a 4FT Fingers fan you might find it hard to take Nanas Revenge seriously as they are a totally unoriginal band, but seriously don’t let that put you off as if you can manage to see past the huge 4FT Fingers comparison then you will realise that Nanas Revenge are a really rocking band, their new EP 'A Man Down' features 7 punk rock tracks and runs for just over 22minutes which is more than enough time for you to come up with a half decent opinion on the band.

There are some proper kick arse tracks on the EP, for example take a listen to 'We Can Change It', it features a really bouncy bass line and some rip roaring punk rock style guitar riffs, the vocals are rawer sounding than the opening track which could come as a blessing to some people, the song is a big fun slice of English punk rock that deserves to be listened to really loud.

'Major Tom' is another great song, it has some really big sing along moments but it’s all done in that raw punk rock edge that I have really grown to love over the years, Johnny Smith has a really good set of vocals that he can change ever so slightly from song to song, the backing vocals also add dynamics to the song, the guitar riffs are once again coming at you at 100 miles per hour in a true punk rock fashion and Dan Powell even gives his drum set a good smacking mid song with his constantly fast drumming.

The introduction to 'Riger Mortis' reminds me of the kind of introductions that the gypsy punks Gogol Bordello would come up with, it’s fun, random and builds up to be quite a fast tune. 'Home And Away' starts off with a really slow introduction with the drum beats and guitar riffs coming in lightly, the vocals start off really soft spoken but as soon as the chorus kicks in the band kicks off into their big and loud sound that sounds so much like 4FT Fingers again, just this time around the vocals tend to sound a lot more rawer.

Nanas Revenge are a huge skate punk band from the UK, they have the potential to go far, I really like the band, they are fun, they have a big punk rock attitude, they know how to make big and loud music and they seriously don’t fuck about. I grew up listening to this style of music and I am really glad that there are still bands around that can kick out this style of skate punk, 'Man down' is the bands first release on Lockjaw Records and I doubt it will be their last release on the label as well.


Review by Trigger
 Band Members

Johnny Smith (Guitar, Vocals)
Chris Hocknell (Bass)
Dan Powell(Drums, Vocals)
Sammy Sharp (Guitar, Vocals)
 Track Listing
1. A Foot in the Door
2. We Can Change It
3. Major Tom
4. Rigor Mortis
5. Home & Away
6. I Never Knew
7. Another Way
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