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Olympus Mons – Nothing's Gonna Spoil My DayOlympus Mons – Nothing's Gonna Spoil My Day

When you first whack the album on, “Martial Law” fires up and you'd be perfectly right in being blown away and thinking that the next sixteen tracks were going to rock your little socks to indie utopia and back. However, when the vocals start, you might change your mind. I don't know, maybe I'm old-fashioned, but I like vocals that at least attempt to retain some kind of melody throughout. But the reason it's such a tragedy, is because the music is sheer fantastic. It's tighter than John Prescott's favourite Lycra outfit, and ticks all the boxes as far as ingenuity and harmony go. The bass is up and down the fretboard like nobody's business and everything is just spot on.

If you're familiar with Hot Club De Paris, I'd say they're a fair comparison. The vocals are even tuneless, but most of the songs do manage to break through the three minute barrier, so I suppose it's all swings and roundabouts.

Track two, “OK On My Own,” is equally as good as the first. Some of the lyrics make your ears prick up too; “knickers round their ankles and wet downstairs.” Or something. Well. Quite.

Forgive my initial slating of the vocalist. As soon as you reach the third track you'd grown accustomed to the new take on “singing,” and the brilliance of the backing just washes the vocal issues away.

To list highlight tracks would be a waste of time, as virtually every single one is a corker. “Late Again,” “The Broken Boys and Girls of This Enchantment,” and “The Letter” are a bit special though, and the single “Let The First Time Be The Last,” which is one of the tracks which incorporates many more genres than just indie. The choice of chords and the way they're played throughout the verses are a lot more jazzy, and the bass boasts funky undertones.

Olympus Mons are an innovative exciting new band who are definitely worth checking out, providing you aren't expecting beautiful vocal qualities and sing-along anthems.


Review by Thom
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 Track Listing
1. Martial Law
2. Ok On My Own
3. Too Much Too Soon
4. Late Again
5. Journey Chapter Vii
6. Interlude 1 : "Shall We Jump The Broom"
7. Let The First Time Be The Last
8. Follow You Down
9. The Broken Boys And Girls Of This Enchantment
10. Give Action Purpose
11. The Song Of Home
12. Interlude 2 : "Savanna-La-Mar"
13. The Letter
14. Sell Me To The Wind
15. Eye For An Eye
16. As Long As Our Feet Walk
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