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The Levellers – Letters From The UndergroundThe Levellers – Letters From The Underground

I reviewed two songs off of this album a little while ago, and was extremely impressed; not only that the Levellers were still going strong, but also that they were still making jolly good music. Another single was reviewed by Trigger and also did well; so what will the album have to offer?

Well unfortunately, those three songs (“Cholera Well,” “Life Less Ordinary,” and “Burn America Burn,) are the highlights of the album, and so it all seems a little disappointing. “Heart of the Country” and “Behold The Pale Rider” are also pretty awesome, I must admit.

I'm one of those people the Levellers must hate, who only really knows them for “Beautiful Day,” and bases their entire opinion of the band on that song. But that's just the way it is. This album is bursting with folk instruments, but in fairness, that's what you'd expect from a folk-punk band. Although the punk aspect is definitely disappearing, but from the sound not the subject. A majority of the songs are politically based, but the pace has slowed and the feeling is altogether a lot more sedate. The anger that fuels punk music has dispersed in general, and been replaced with a peaceful protest.

Where most punks would storm the White House with rocks and missiles, the Levellers would build a bonfire in the grounds and sit around singing all day, slowly driving the president insane.

To conclude, the Levellers are still going strong and making great music suitable for virtually anyone. There are no anthems that you'll phone your friends about, but I can think of lots of great albums that don't have that.


Review by Thom
 Band Members
The Levellers - Band
Mark Chadwick
Jeremy Cunningham
Charlie Heather
Simon Friend
Jonathan Sevink
Matt Savage
 Track Listing
1. The Cholera Well
2. Death Loves Youth
3. Eyes Wide
4. Before The End
5. Burn America, Burn
6. Heart Of The Country
7. Behold the Pale Rider
8. A Life Less Ordinary
9. Accidental Anarchist
10. Duty
11. Fight Or Flight
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