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Parties Break Hearts - Life Is Too Short To Dance With Ugly PeopleParties Break Hearts - Life Is Too Short To Dance With Ugly People

Parties Break Hearts are a four piece band from Bern in Switzerland they are influenced by Story Of The Year, Lost Prophets, Reuben, Jimmy Eat world and many other great bands across the world, I am guessing that they got the band name Parties Break Hearts from the classic song by one of their favourite bands Reuben, anyway the band have put together a full length album titled 'Life Is Too Short To Dance With Ugly People' and to be fair it’s well worth a listen or two.

The album starts with 'Scrape!' which opens with Martins loud and clear vocals over some tinny sounds, seconds later the song really kicks off as the dual assault of guitars come in whacking the song up a notch or two in sound, soon after Marks vocals come in and we are treated to duel vocals from the band, the guitar riffs are quite powerful and technical sounding, the vocals are melodic clear and straight to the point, overall the song is pretty huge sounding and sets the pace for the rest of the album.

'Fake As You' starts off with a bit of a jamming session with the whole band going out making the best noise out of their instruments, the vocals soon come in sounding extremely aggressive with angry screams of "fuck" coming every now and then, the guitar work is faultless with such loud sounds coming out of Martin and Mike's strumming, this is pure powerful guitar riffage at its best, the guitar solo towards the end of the song is quite breathtaking, especially when it leads to a hectic assault of drumming and a raw scream to finish the song.

If you will find yourself wanting to dance your pants off to Parties Break Hearts as they have such a heavy but melodic sound that’s bound to get the crowd moving at gigs and dance clubs across the world when their songs are played. Listen to 'Dance Dance Revolution' and try tell me afterwards that the song has no effect on you, if it doesn’t make you want to get up and dance, bounce of the walls or what ever it is you do when you hear a killer energetic song as this is Parties Break Hearts at their catchy best, the song is a killer and one of the best songs on the album.

Things take a turn for the chill out lounge for 'Sober' the song sounds like a kind of ballad that you would expect to hear from bands like Bon Jovi just in the way that the instruments are minimal and the soothing vocals are what really leads the song, it’s a big change from the songs at the start of the album but get used to it as this is the start of more mellow moments to come within later tracks on the album. Don’t let this put you off though as the mellow tracks are just as good as the full on noisey tracks and it proves that the band can cover a wide range of sounds and styles in their music whilst keeping everything at such a high quality.

Overall Parties Break Hearts are a really talented band who really know how to write big songs, the only downfall is that this is type of music that gets a good following in the UK underground scene but gets ignored by pretty much everyone else as they are too stubborn to admit to hearing a good underground band when they come and bite them on the arse, Parties Break Hearts deserve to go far but I think they will find it tough getting a look in out of their own country which is quite sad considering the talent of the band, let’s hope I am proved wrong.


Review by Trigger
 Band Members
Parties Break Hearts - Band
Martin (Guitars, Vocals)
Leandro (Guitars)
Christian (Drums)
Mike (Bass, Vocals)
 Track Listing
1. Scrape!
2. Fake As You
3. Dance, Dance Revolution
4. Sober
5. Point Of View
6. Save Yourself Part 1
7. Save Yourself Part 2
8. I'm Dying Here
9. To Feel Again Tonight
10. Reach For Silence
11. Obstacles
12. Is This The Way It's Supposed To Be?
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