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The Mono Effect - GaintsThe Mono Effect - Gaints

I have just come across The Mono Effect, they are a four piece band from Cambridge who have been together for over three years, and in that time they have toured over the UK many times picking up exposure from radio one and many different press publications on their travels, in between their busy touring schedule they have been working on their new album 'Gaints' the album is now complete and is due for release in September via Lockjaw Records, a Worcester based record label who seem to pick up the crop of upcoming English bands.

The Mono Effect have a sound that’s heavily influenced by Weezer, The Wildhearts and the Smashing Pumpkins, it’s the Weezer comparison that sticks out the most during the bands 'Giants' album.

As soon as the album opens up with the first track 'Suffragette', the Weezer style sounds will whack you so hard in the face, as the song sounds so much like something you would hear on a Weezer album but with more English vocals and some shouty and heavy moments thrown in to mix things up a bit.

'Confidence' is a blinding track, everything about it fits so right, the guitar riffs are powerful the song is full of melody and it will be a matter of seconds before you find yourself tapping your feet along to the song and singing along to the infectious chorus.

The whole album is full of accessible tracks, they are all powerful rock songs that have a melodic edge which you will find yourself skipping back to listen to time and time again, which is a rare thing in the British music scene at the moment as every band seems to want to sound and look like all the other emo and screamo bands out there and this is where The Mono Effect are different, they want to be a proper rock band and that is exactly what they are, a straight to the point rock band.

If you like to hear rock music with big riffs, melodic vocals, big choruses then The Mono Effect are a band I recommend you checking out as they are just that, granted they don’t have the big sound that’s straight to the point rock bands like Biffy Clyro and The Foo Fighters have but they do have a really enjoyable sound that is so easy to get into. The Mono Effect are quite a young band with the members in their early twenties and I believe they have a bright future ahead of them.


Review by Trigger
 Band Members
The Mono Effect - Band
Miba (vocals, guitar)
Dave (bass, vocals)
Karlos (guitar, vocals)
Ed209 (drums, vocals)
 Track Listing
1. Suffragette
2. Confidence
3. Beast
4. Breathe
5. The Bullet Catcher #13
6. Sick 'N' Wired
7. Walls Cave In
8. Lull
9. Kill The Mood
10. Blessed By Angels
11. Devil Mouth
12. My Friend
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