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Walls Of Jericho - The American DreamWalls Of Jericho - The American Dream

Walls Of Jericho are back with their second big release in less than 4 months, they released their highly anticipated Corey Taylor produced 5 track acoustic EP 'Redemption' back at the start of May, the release was unlike anything that Walls Of Jericho had ever done before but it was met with a lot of positive response from the fans of the band and the press alike, Walls Of Jericho also promised that their new album would be released later in the summer, well three months on and the bands new album 'The American Dream' is complete and ready for release.

From listening to 'The American Dream' a few times over it seems that creating and releasing 'Redemption' the acoustic EP has done Walls OF Jericho a power of good, they managed to get their more chilled out side recorded and released on that EP which means they have come back fresher, heavier and angrier than ever with their new album 'The American Dream', it’s definately the heaviest and loudest album the band have ever released.

With 'The American Dream' it’s like Walls Of Jericho have done the totally opposite of what you would do during a workout, you start off gently with all your stretches and then you gradually step up the pace and do more and more until you finish with that massive 10 mile run, here instead of dropping you in lightly with an acoustic track and then knocking the aggression up a notch or two throughout each and every track, Walls Of Jericho have decided to throw you in at the deep end and come at you with guitars strumming at 100 miles per hour and throw pretty much everything they have at you in an aggressive fashion before finishing with that acoustic track that you could of quite done with at the start or halfway through the album.

'The American Dream' is the fourth Walls Of Jericho CD to be released on Trutkill Records, a label that Walls Of Jericho seem to be dedicated to, the album is 12 tracks long and runs for just over 35 minutes. Before putting 'The American Dream' on, make sure everyone's out of your house, open the windows and crank the volume up a notch or two and get ready to enjoy this heavy injection of metalcore music.

The album opens with 'The New Ministry', which starts off with a variety of soundscapes giving the song a chilled introduction that builds up, then about one minute in the guitar riffs come in thick and fast and front woman Candace Kucsulain makes her mark with her well known man style screams, Candace has a killer voice that suits the metalcore scene well, she can scream and shout better than any female singer I have heard in the past and she could give some of the leading men in the scene a run for their money, seriously if you heard a Walls Of Jericho song on the radio without knowing it was them you would think the lead vocals were coming from a man, and that’s strangely enough a compliment as Candace has developed the perfect vocal style that fits her bands music and the scene they are in. 'The New Ministry' finishes with some screams from Candace and straight away the next song 'II The Prey' fires in with guitars blazing, the song has a circle pit feel about it which could be down to the Slayer style guitar riffs that have enough power to rip a hole through your body.

The album title track 'The American Dream', starts off with Candace screaming "fuck the American dream", before a thundering assault of guitar riffs come in. 'The American Dream' is the best track on the album and could quite possibly be the best one that Walls Of Jericho have ever made but that’s all down to a matter of opinion I guess. But seriously if you like your guitar riffs big and meaty, your drumming so heavy and powerful that it could make your ears bleed, your vocals extremely loud and full of rage and well written explicit lyrics than 'The American Dream' is the song for you.

As mentioned above the whole album follows the same routine with the way that each and every track is big and meaty sounding until you get to the acoustic feel of album closer 'The Slaughter Begins', the song sounds like it would have fitted on their acoustic EP perfectly but 'The Slaughter Begins' is not the type of song that you would expect to close such an aggressive album as the song is really chilled out and is driven by a soothing piano piece with Candace singing in such a soulful beautiful way, however the song is perfectly placed on the album giving you a few minutes to chill and fully take in and try and understand the outstanding 33 minutes of aggression your ears, brain and pretty much whole body has just had to endure.

Walls Of Jericho have done well with 'The American Dream', it’s one of the most important albums the band have ever released and it should help cement the band a place at the top of the metalcore genre, which is something they clearly deserve, in recent months Walls Of Jericho have proved that they can play both soft and aggressive and I have to say it’s the aggressive side that I enjoy the most.


Review by Trigger
 Band Members
Walls Of Jericho - Band
Candace Kucsulain (Vocals)
Chris Rawson (Guitar)
Mike Hasty (Guitar)
Dustin Schoenhofer (Drums)
Aaron Ruby (Bass)
 Track Listing
1. The New Ministry
2. The Prey
3. The American Dream
4. Feeding Frenzy
5. The Hunter
6. Famous Last Words
7. A Long Walk Home
8. Shock Of The Century
9. Discovery Of Jones
10. Standing On Paper Stilts
11. Night Of A Thousand Torches
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