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Zebrahead - PhoenixZebrahead - Phoenix

Zebrahead are such a hard working band, they seem to release a new album every couple of years and seem to tour solidly when they are not busy releasing new albums and they are not shy when it comes to touring the UK as it seems like the band never leave the UK as when they head over they spend a good month at a time touring the small toilet sized venues in the UK punk rock circuit and you can guarantee within 6 months of one tour in the UK Zebrahead will be back for another equally long tour, they are 100% about playing punk rock and pleasing their fans and that’s one of the factors that make Zebrahead such a good band as they are clearly in the music business for the right reasons unlike some money grabbing big shot American bands.

So the new Zebrahead album is here and it is called 'Phoenix', the album is 16 tracks long and runs for just under an hour, you are probably wondering what it sounds like, well to be honest it’s no different than any other Zebrahead album, it’s fast paced poppy punk that’s as infectious as anything else you would of heard from Zebrahead in the past, this is something I really respect Zebrahead for, they know the style of music they like to play and the style of music their fans like to listen to and they stick true to it and each album sticks the same sound formula unlike some bands who spend years between albums progressing their sound far away from how they started before realising its not working and reverting back to their original sound, I say if you have it don’t fuck about just stick to it.

The lead single release from the new Zebrahead album is a song called 'Mental Health', and it’s pretty easy to see why the band have chosen to release this as the lead single to promote the album, it’s a fast paced infectious punk rock tune, the duel vocals are fast and have a mixed feel of punk rock mixed with rap rock, the guitar riffs are thick, fast and as bouncy as you could ever imagine poppy punk to be, the drumming also sounds really infectious with sticksman Ed Udhus constantly bashing the shit out of his drums.

I challenge anyone to listen to 'Phoenix' and try and find a song within the 16 tracks on the album that doesn’t ooze with fast infectious punk rock energy, it’s pretty impossible as the whole album is so fast and each song will have you tapping your foot along or even better bouncing off the walls in your bedroom as you listen to Zebrahead's perfect slice of pop-punk at full volume.

It’s hard to pick out a favourite track from 'Phoenix' as they are all of a high quality but what I will say is that the first two tracks 'HMP' and 'Hell Yeah!' are simply amazing and sets the pace for the rest of the album. 'HMP' opens straight away with the bands well known duel vocals that mixes shouty rap style vocals with more fast and furious punk vocals. 'Hell Yeah!' is just a storming song, the chorus is fast, infectious and quite shouty.

Fans of Zebrahead are going to be more than pleased with the result of the bands sixth studio album, it’s got more than enough tracks, runs for a good length of time and is as strong sounding as any previous Zebrahead release. It’s pretty much guaranteed that Zebrahead will be in the UK soon touring their arses off to promote the release of 'Phoenix'.


Review by Trigger
 Band Members
Zebrahead - Band
Ali Tabatabaee (vocals)
Greg Bergdorf (guitar)
Ben Osmundson (bass)
Ed Udhus (drums)
Matty Lewism (vocals, guitar )
 Track Listing
1. Morse Code For Dummies
2. Hell Yeah
3. Ignite
4. Mental Health
5. The Juggernauts
6. Hmp
7. Death By Disco
8. Be Carefule What You Wish For
9. Drugs
10. Just The Tip
11. Brixton
12. Hit The Ground
13. Two Wrongs Don't Make A Right But, Three Rights Make A Left
14. All For None And None For All
15. Sorry But Your Friends Are Hot
16. Junkie And The Halo
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