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The Verve - Love Is NoiseThe Verve - Love Is Noise

Over the past year and a half it seems like every band that had a major part in the nineties music scene are reforming to give it one last shot, so far we have had Take That, The Smashing Pumpkins, Boyzone and Rage Against The Machine who are all enjoying major success again with many people who weren’t old enough to go to the bands shows the first time around showing a lot of interest for them and each band have either released a new album or are working on a new release. There have also been those bands that reformed just for the money and the biggest example of that is the Spice Girls who reformed to play shows across the world during December 2007 as well as release their greatest hits 10 years after they first took to the music scene by storm as soon as the tour dates were over and their bank balances were looking healthier than ever the band split up again. The latest band to reform is The Verve, but The Verve are no strangers when it comes to break up's as the band have split up a couple of times in their career, but they have never quite split up for this length of time before, yes it’s been 11 years since The Verve last released a studio album with their last album release being the majorly successful 'Urban Hymns'. So is The Verve's come back a welcomed one?

Well they are back with their first single as a band in 10 years and what a come back it is. 'Love Is Noise' is the brand new Verve single, the band first showed off the new single at their festival appearances at the Coachella festival in America and also the Glastonbury festival in England where the band finished their set with 'Love Is Noise' and what a classic moment it was to watch whether you were watching them live at the festival or live via the TV, the set was epic and 'Love Is Noise' went down a storm with the thousands of fans watching.

'Love Is Noise' is an upbeat stadium rock song that is soon going to have people singing along word for word from the front to the back of every venue that The Verve play once they embark on their tour in support of their new album 'Forth'. 'Love Is Noise' is such a huge sounding song which makes it easier for you to forgive The Verve for their 10 years absence from the music scene, the song features a computerized vocal effect that’s on loop throughout the whole song giving the song a really eerie feel and Richard Ashcrofts vocals are as strong as they ever have been and the lyrics are clever and very easy to pick up on. The Verve have surely been missed but have come back stronger than ever here.

There were a lot of people doubting The Verve when they announced that they were reforming, many people claimed that this was a cash in on Richard Ashcroft's part, something that I don’t quite understand when he had major success with his solo material and could still be carrying on that major success right now if he didn’t choose to rejoin The Verve. Well to prove the doubters wrong, The Verve have been hard at work and will release their fourth studio album 'Forth' on the 18th August and I’m pretty sure all the Verve and indie fans have the date written in their diaries already.

This is Brit rock at its best, welcome back guys.


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