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GO - X - Dance AgainGO - X - Dance Again

Fuck about, Go-X are a band that totally need watching over the upcoming months as they have the potential to be huge, the band are a four piece band from Wales, yes another band from Wales that are clearly going to get their music out into the mainstream and grace the covers of the major music magazines sometime in the near future. There must be something in the water in Wales or secretly talented music school that's so secret that only a select few no about it as at the moment their are so many kick arse bands from Wales from the likes of The Lostprophets, Funeral For A Friend, Kids In Glass Houses, The Blackout and now Go-X.

Go-X don’t do things by halves and don’t mess about when it comes to their music, take one listen to the bands forthcoming debut single 'Dance Again' and I am pretty sure that you will be hooked as I surely was as the song is completely fast, explosive and pretty damn mental, which leaves me thinking just how enjoyable their live show is considering that they have captured so much energy on record. Seriously 'Dance Again' has such a feel good factor about it. Frontman Josh Lindner has really unique vocals which is really going to help Go-X stand out from the crowd, the guitars are thick and fast with some really impressive riffs, the chorus is a fast fist in the air chant along affair, the band have also included some robotic sounding synths in for good measures. Do yourself a favour and crank the volume up a notch or two before listening to 'Dance Again' and just try and stay still, it’s near on impossible as you will find yourself wanting to spin around your room like you have just been let out for the day.

The b-side to the single is 'Without Me', now this song isn’t as crazy and up-tempo as the main single, however it does show a totally different side to Go-X with the way that it has a more mature serious sound about it and sounds like a pure rock and roll song where as the main single has a rock feel with a more poppy energetic edge about it.

Words really don’t explain how talented Go-X are, seriously head to the bands myspace and check out 'Dance Again', it’s the only way that you will get a true understanding of how great they are. I am pretty sure bigger and better things will come from Go-X over the months, seriously GO-X are a band worth keeping a close eye on as it is only a matter of time before GO-X mania truly kicks in.


Review by Trigger
 Band Members
GO - X - Band
Josh (vocals)
Avalon (guitars)
Murphy (bass)
Tee (drums)
 Track Listing
1. Dance Again
2. Without Me
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