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My Passion - Day Of The BeesMy Passion - Day Of The Bees

If Tim Burton ever had the chance to create a band then I’m pretty sure that My Passion would be that band. My Passion have a look that’s a bit of a cross of Edward Scissorhands meets The Horrors, with their tight black clothing and big black emo hair cuts that must take hours to get right each day and a pot of eye liner plastered on each members face. My Passion certainly have the look and everything about them seems so well thought about and professional from their myspace design, promo pictures, merchandise and cd covers, it seems like the band have spent maximum time at trying to get everything right and have totally succeeded.

But what about the music I hear you ask? Well the bands new single 'Day Of The Bees' is such a strong song, a song that is going to help catapult My Passion into superstardom. The band describe their sound as electropopmetalpunkdance and that’s exactly what it is a big mixture of all those music genres mixed together for a truly unique sound that sounds like the randomness of The Horrors mixed with the synthesized sound of The Sohodolls and the angryness of The Blood Brothers, seriously imagine them 3 bands music thrown into the blender and mixed together and My Passions music would be the final result.

During 'Day Of The Bees' Frontman Laurence Rene's vocals sound so much like those of Johnny Whitney from The Blood Brothers in places, the electronic synths have the feel that’s going to fill a dance floor and get it moving from side to side and the guitar riffs are just as big rocking and rip roaring as rock music should be.

If you think My Passion could be one trick pony's and have got lucky with the final result seen in 'Day Of The Bees', then head over to the bands myspace and listen to the other 4 tracks on there as they are all of a high quality and prove just how hard working My Passion are. They are a band that need to be taken seriously, the band have everything going for them, they are raw, rocking, melodic, energetic and sure know how to fill a dance floor and give people the time of their lives. Give 'Day Of The Bees' a listen and get involved in the next big thing whilst they are still playing the intimate toilet sized venues across the country because if you leave it too late you will miss your chance of seeing these guys in the small venues as they are destined for arenas in the very very near future.

My Passion are definitely a band I will be watching very closely throughout the rest of 2008 and I suggest you do the same.


Review by Trigger
 Band Members
My Passion
Laurence Rene (Vocals, Synths)
Jonathan Sin (Drums, Vocals)
Simon Rolands (Bass, Synths)
John Be (Guitar)
 Track Listing
1. Day Of The Bees
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