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Millimetre - Missing HaitchMillimetre - Missing Haitch

Now I have had the pleasure to come across and listen to some great bands over the past few years but at the same time I have also come across many bands that are simply shit which makes me wonder how and why they have a record deal. Well sadly for Terence J McGaughey, the singer-songwriter and sole member of Millimetre, his new single 'Missing Haitch' that his press release claims as being stunning is simply shit.?

'Missing Haitch' see's Millimetre going for an eerie Massive Attack style sound, focusing on many different soundscapes and really drowny vocals. There is nothing positive I can say about 'Missing Haitch', but what I can say is that Terence J McGaughey has lost the point of what being a musician is all about.

If you want to waste 3 minutes and 36 seconds of your life then check out 'Missing Haitch' by Millimetre, but I will warn you in advance you will end up wasting a lot more time than that as you won’t believe your ears and will end up listening to the song again just to check if it sounded as bad as you originally thought and trust me it does, so avoid it first time around.


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