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Valient Thorr - ImmortalizerValient Thorr - Immortalizer

Valient Thorr are a truly hardworking band who care so much about their band and music, the band are forever touring, seriously checkout the tour listings on their myspace it never seems to be empty, with shows running throughout the whole of America from now until the middle of August and once that tour is over the band are heading back to Europe. If the band aren’t touring then they are busy writing and recording a new album, they are just about to release their new album 'Immortalizer', the album is their fourth new album in five years, now that is some achievement, most bands take at least two to three years between each album release but not these guys.

The band are a five piece and some people may think they have lost the plot ever so slightly as they claim that they are time travellers from Venus and that they became stranded on Earth because Walt Disney had stolen their time machine 21 years earlier, the story makes an interesting read but to be honest I think the band have been watching too much Heroes and sci-fi movies, yeah they do look like they are stuck in the 70's kitted out with their denim jackets, long hair and massive beards but as for time travelling you have to laugh.

Musically Valient Thorr have quite a good sound it’s like old skool metal such as Kiss and Motorhead and mixed slightly with Dragonforce with the way that it’s played so fast and sounds so much like computer game music in places.

The album opens with 'I Hope The Ghosts Of The Dead Haunt Yr Soul Forever' the song is so fast and so listenable, there are some great guitar solo's on offer and wonderful riffs throughout the song, Valient Himself's vocals are extremely fast and clear and have quite a distinctive sound. 'Infinite Lives' is just as fast and catchy as the opening track, the vocals are a lot more interesting with Valient shouting his message across.

The opening moments in 'Mask Of Sanity' are quite technical, the vocals are at there best and the overall feel of the song is fast and catchy with a mixed sound of old skool metal meets punk, this is definitely the highlight of the album.

The lyrics of the album are quite random whilst Valient Thorr singing about things that no other bands would ever dream of, just take a listen of 'No Holds Barred', a song about wrestling, with Valient Himself reciting a whole load of wrestling holds, now this song is a wrestling fans wet dream, and to make it even better it’s just as fast and upbeat as the rest of Valient Thorr's material.

There are no dull moments during 'Immortalizer', each and every song is action packed and totally fast paced, the lyrics are quite interesting with the band singing about computer games, sci fi, and as mentioned above wrestling and so much more. Valient Thorr are quite unlike any band around at the moment, they are really tight sounding, fast, random and above all pure entertaining. Head over to the bands myspace and check out the song streams on there as im pretty sure you will find yourself parting with your hard earned cash for 'Immortalizer' shortly after. Valient Thorr are a great band and I am pretty sure they are even better experienced live.


Review by Trigger
 Band Members

Valient Himself (vocals)
Eidan Thorr (guitars)
Dr. Professor Nitewolf Strangees (Bass)
Voiden Thorr (guitars)
Lucian Thorr (percussion)
 Track Listing
1. I Hope The Ghosts Of The Dead Haunt Yr Soul Forever
2. Infinite Lives
3. Mask Of Sanity
4. Tomorrow Police
5. No Holds Barred
6. Parable Of Daedalus
7. Birdhead Looking @ Goldenhands
8. Vernal Equinox
9. 1000 Winters In A Row
10. Red Flag
11. Nomadic Sacrifice
12. Steeplechase
13. Tackle the Walrus
14. "Track 14"
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