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There are definately some odd things about Weezer, for a start their sixth studio album is called 'Weezer' and is the third stuido album the band have released called that and the most freaky thing about this is that they release an album called 'Weezer' every seven years, now I don’t know if this is something they have always planned to do or if it just randomly becomes six years since the last self titled album. Each of the self titled albums take on a different colour scheme and become known by the colour rather than the title, the 1994 self titled album was blue and became known as the blue album, the 2001 self titled album is green and became known as the green album and the brand new self titled studio album is red and will become known as the red album.

After each and every Weezer album release they tour for a while and then the band hiatus and their members go there separate ways with frontman Rivers Cuomo normally heading back to Harvard to polish up on his education, this leads to speculation from everyone wondering if it is the end of Weezer and will they release another album, when Weezer released 'Make Believe' in 2005 and finished touring the album everyone thought Weezer had split for good but once again they are back, they go through a cycle that people should be used to by now we all know deep down Weezer will come back from hiatus after every album to release a new one but I guess there will be a day when the hiatus is permanent and Weezer don’t come back, but let’s hope that time is many years into the future.

Everyone who's heard of Weezer knows frontman Rivers Cuomo is a dark man, he’s a bit geeky and comes across really shy, he avoids doing interviews with the press as much as he can and keeps his interaction with the fans to a minimal at the bands shows leaving bassist Matt Sharp to do most of the talking, but on the internet the man is totally different leaving blogs and messages on his myspace and various other sites as much as he can. For the new Weezer album, Rivers Cuomo has gone for the wackiest look of his time yet, looking some what like the gay cowboy from The Village People's 'YMCA' video with his cowboy hat and newly grown mustache which looks quite comical.

The new Weezer album is the first Weezer album to feature all members contributing on song writing and singing lead vocals on their own songs, this is something which helps make the new Weezer album such a welcome comeback and so close to being a masterpiece, it’s just a shame the vocals don’t live up to expectations, but more about that later.

The album opens up with 'Troublemaker' a song which features Rivers Cuomo singing "I'm such a mystery as anyone can see there isn't anybody else exactly quite like me', now these lyrics are quite true, Rivers is such a mystery and is very much unlike any other frontman from a band which is probably why he is such a loved frontman. The guitar riffs throughout the song are a lot more powerful than on previous Weezer albums.

'The first highlight on the album is 'The Greatest Man That Ever Lived (Variations On A Shaker Hymn)" the song is very different to anything Weezer have done before and is quite odd sounding, Rivers vocals are so different sounding, appearing quite squeaky sounding in places, there are also spoken word vocals from Rivers during the song where he talks about things he has done throughout his life so far, Rivers also sings "I am the greatest man that ever lived" time and time again throughout the song which proves that Rivers has an high opinion about himself and I am pretty sure a lot of his fans would agree with his statement. The song is pure entertainment, it is lyrically very clever and musically quite technical and totally different from anything Weezer have achieved before.

The lead single for the 'Red album' is 'Pork And Beans', the song is a classic and has already proved to be a hit within the music industry, the song is fun and wacky with such random lyrics with Rivers singing about how he will do what he wants and that he will eat his candy with his pork and beans if he wants, there are some big guitar riffs on offer which shows that Rivers has knocked his guitar up a notch or two and become a more aggressive guitar player.

Everything slows down for just over 4 minutes during 'Heart Songs', the song is well chilled out, yet features such a nice groove running throughout, Rivers Cumomo name drops many artists throughout the song from John Lennon, Bruce Springsteen, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Michael Jackson and many others, the lyrics are definitely worth reading through.

Weezer verge onto rap-rock territories with 'Everybody Get Dangerous' the song starts off with a killer drum roll, Rivers vocals come in seconds later sounding as normal as ever, but suddenly the chorus kicks in leading the song into a rap rock feel. It’s not long before we are treated to a classic sounding Weezer song and this time it is brought in the form of 'Dreamin', the song is a pure pop song that is so catchy and has such a great vibe, the song does go a bit off track midway through sounding totally different from the start of the song, but overall the song has such an upbeat power pop summer feel about it.

The first track on the album to be written by and sung by one of the other members of the band is 'Thought I Knew' the song was written and performed by guitarist Brian Bell, the song is quite interesting mainly for the fact that Brian's vocals are so much different from Rivers, the song isn’t bad but is nothing special and doesn’t have that killer Weezer feel about it. The next track to be written by another member of Weezer is 'Cold Dark World' the song was written by both Scott Shriner and Rivers Cuomo, once again the vocals are a lot different and quite hard to take to as Scott Shriner takes more to rapping through the song than he does singing, luckily the song features backing vocals from Rivers which really does help bring the song more to life. The last song of the trio of songs written and preformed by the other members of the band is 'Automatic' the song was written and sung by drummer Pat Wilson, now this is the best offering from the three tracks but to be honest the song really isn’t that special either, it is good to see the other members of Weezer contributing to songs but I think the lead vocals should be left to Rivers from now on.

The 'Red Album' is an interesting offering from Weezer and without a doubt is an album that has seen the band experiment the most with their sound, the main highlight from the album is the current single 'Pork And Beans', and then the second most interesting song on the album is 'The Greatest Man That Ever Lived (Variations On A Shaker Hymn)', in fact it is one of the most interesting songs that Weezer have ever created, the song is like a rollercoaster ride with the way that it’s thrilling from start to finish and no one bit is the same with so much variation throughout the song. There are a few week moments on the album such as when other members of the band take to the part of lead vocalist for a song each, you have to respect the band for trying something different and being more creative than ever, I am currently not in favour of the songs but they may well grow on me after a few more listens who knows.

If you are a hardcore fan of Weezer you will love the album, if you have just come across Weezer and are thinking about buying this album on the basis of just hearing 'Pork And Beans', then I would put it on hold and get the 'Blue Album' instead as it is the best starting point for getting into Weezer.


Review by Trigger
 Band Members

Rivers Cuomo (Vocals, Guitar)
Brian Bell (Guitar, Backing Vocals)
Scott Shriner (Bass, Backing Vocals)
Patrick Wilson (Drums)
 Track Listing
1. Troublemaker
2. Greatest Man That Ever Lived (Variations On A Shaker Hymn)
3. Pork And Beans
4. Heart Songs
5. Everybody Get Dangerous
6. Dreamin'
7. Thought I Knew
8. Cold Dark World
9. Automatic
10. Angel And The One/Non Musical Silence
11. Weight (UK Only Bonus Track)
12. Life Is What You Make It (UK Only Bonus Track)
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