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Pendulum - In SilicoPendulum - In Silico

If somebody asks me to check out a dance or drum n bass band I normally run a mile, as the dance and drum n bass scene is something that I just can’t get into, I have tried on a few occasions but failed, I can’t think of anything worse than listening to the same beat going on for 30 minutes non stop, not even all the dancing dust in the world would get me enjoying this kind of music. However if you ask me to check out a dance band with some half decent vocals, a punk feel or totally unique sound then I will most probably enjoy it as over the years I have enjoyed releases from Basement Jaxx, The Chemical Brothers, The Prodigy and now Pendulum.

Pendulum are an Australian based band who formed in 2002, I never really heard of Pendulum until the end of 2007 when they released their single 'Granite', the song was a great mixture of dance and rock music, with dance synths going off all over the place alongside rocking riffs and spacey sounding aggressive vocals giving the song an industrial dance feel which is something like the Prodigy mixed with Nine Inch Nails. 'Granite' was a great single and got me slightly into Pendulum, but it was the follow up single 'Propane Nightmares’, which got me hooked on the band, the song was epic it had a perfect mix of dance and rock and was packed with energy.

Since the release of 'Granite' and 'Propane Nightmares' Pendulum have gone on to release their second album 'In Silico' which includes both singles plus 8 other brand new tracks. The album starts of on a major high with 'Showdown', the song is epic and packed with energy, there are many high powered quality synths and dance beats running through the song and at such a fast pace sounding like some high speed chase action scene from a blockbuster Hollywood movie.

'Different' follows on from 'Showdown' with electronic beats galore and keyboardist Rob Swire's dark sounding vocals cropping up every now and again showing a different side to Pendulums music. 'Visions' starts up with some vocals which has been heavily synthed over to make them sound like a robot, the song has a Daft Punk 'Around The World' style feel to it which works well.

With 'In Silico' Pendulum have packed the album with a proper mix, there are songs that mix dance and rock music together and there are songs that are pure dance for example 'Midnight Runner' is a full of dance song that starts off quite slow but builds up to such a fast paced peak that when it gets going you can just imagine people at Pendulum shows spinning around like fools after taking a couple of disco biscuits.

The album finishes with 'The Tempest' a track that is just as huge and epic as the opening track, it starts off quite chilled out with some really laid back talk along vocals from Rob Swire, the synths running through the start of the song sound like something out of the movie Saw where at the end everything is put together and this freaky music runs whilst they are finishing off the story, the synths towards the end of the song are uplifting, happy and totally worth waiting for. 'The Tempest' sounds more like a stadium rock song than it does a Pendulum song, but it does show Pendulum in a mature way and this could well be the way the band want to progress when it comes to album number three.

'In Silico' is a true mix of dance and rock music, a mix that Pendulum have managed to work together perfectly, the album is a real mix but I think there is enough variety on there to please most people. I know a lot of people have gone off Pendulum since there new found mixed sound which was first found in their single 'Granite' and is now heavily found in their second album 'In Silico', I can’t really comment on this as I don’t know to much about the bands earlier music and debut album 'Hold Your Colour' but what I do know is 'In Silico' has brought Pendulum in a whole new genre of fans and have made them bigger than many people could of imagined when they first came on the scene.


Review by Trigger
 Band Members
Pendulum - Band
Rob Swire (vocals/synth/producer)
Gareth McGrillen (bass guitar/producer/DJ)
Perry Ap-Gwynedd (guitar)
Paul 'El Hornet' Harding (DJ)
Kodish (drums)
 Track Listing
1. Show Down
2. Different
3. Propane Nightmares
4. Visions
5. Midnight Runner
6. The Otherside
7. Mutiny
8. 9,000 Miles
9. Granite
10. The Tempest
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