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Moby - AliceMoby - I Love To Move In Here

The come back Moby single 'Alice' was an extremely interesting offering, it started off with a really heavy and distorted bass line and had mixed dual vocals from two hip-hop stars, the whole mix worked well. Moby is now ready to release his second single 'I Love To Move In Here' from his current album in the matter of a few months.

'I Love To Move In Here' features really chilled out disco beats and disco vibes, the song features Grandmaster Caz on guest vocals, the vocals from Caz really stand out far from the main vocals running throughout the song as Caz raps "Old skool taking you back, and we ain't leaving till we stop breathing", the song oozes in funk, soul and old skool disco days.

The single comes with a radio and album version, there isn’t too much between the two, the main difference is that the album version runs for just over a minute longer and the song doesn’t appear as radio friendly as the main radio version due to a slight difference in sounds on offer.

The sounds of Moby have changed a lot since his most popular album offering with 'Play'. 'I Love To Move In Here' is a song that focuses strongly on mixing hip-hop and dance together, the mix is done well and the end result is another strong single release from Moby. 'I Love To Move In Here' is bound to be a future dance floor filler in the clubs across the world.


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