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MGMT - Electric FeelMGMT - Electric Feel

MGMT are a two piece band from Brooklyn, New York, the band used to be known as The Management but have since shortened their name down to MGMT. Most people will probably of heard the bands music without knowing, it was actually their song 'Time To Pretend' that featured at the end of Skins series 2, and soon went on to be a single release. The band are now ready to release their second single 'Electric Feel'.

'Electric Feel' by MGMT has a real old skool sound like something you would hear back in the 70's disco days. There are synths running throughout the whole song that makes the song sound like old skool disco music. The lyrics are quite repetitive with the words "Do what you feel now/Electric feel now" being repeated what seems like 50 times in a row as the song fades out.

After the first listen of 'Electric Feel' I really couldn’t believe my ears; it was like I had been warped back 30 something years, but after listening to the song again and again I find it quite a upbeat enjoyable song. If you like bands like The Rapture, you may just like MGMT as they are similar to The Rapture but a lot different at the same time.


Review by Trigger

 Band Members

Andrew VanWyngarden
Ben Goldwasser
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1. Electric Feel
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